How Cisco Certifications Are Important For Networking Professionals?


Whether you’re an IT professional or want to start your career, you should understand the actual value of IT certifications. Your career as a networking engineer or a network administrator requires you to possess a sufficient amount of skills.

While nothing can substitute experience, a certificate acts as a solid recognition for those who want to gain recognition. And when the context is about networking, nothing beats the importance of Cisco training and certifications.

We live in exciting times where digital transformation is the core word. With Cisco certifications and training, you can easily stand out in the crowd. It can allow you to establish your mark. Cisco offers both general and specialised certifications, all of which need candidates to appear for an examination.

It will not only help you upgrade your management skills but also fortify your networking abilities. Here are some ways in which Cisco certifications and training are essential for networking professionals.

Why should you possess Cisco Certifications?

Whether you are applying for a new job or looking to gain recognition, Cisco certifications can always help you. With Cisco training modules and certifications, you can showcase the incredible skills you possess.

Moreover, in case of a new job role, having a Cisco certification can earn you more. When your employers learn about the certifications, they translate it into the number of benefits they can gain from you.

In simple words, Cisco certifications are your ticket to boost your career and take it to the next level. Cisco is also the most popular platform for networking. Every organisation operating in this digital sphere leverages Cisco devices in the networks.

Greater Acceptability

Cisco is a renowned name in the IT domain. From offering complete features to making IT processes easier for companies, businesses nowadays rely greatly on Cisco. Therefore, anyone with proper Cisco training and certification can work with advanced networking platforms. Once you acquire your certificate, you can showcase it on your resume and validate your technical skills. Note that as the industry is ever-evolving, the Cisco certification remains valid for three years only.

Importance of getting CCNA-Certified

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is an associate-level certification by Cisco which validates your skills to navigate the ever-evolving IT landscape. The CCNA exam encompasses networking basics, security fundamentals, automation, etc.

Cisco’s CCNA tests your agility and versatility. Professionals with CCNA training acquire skills to manage and optimise advanced networks. In other words, professionals can enhance and enrich their skills with CCNA certification training.

When you are CCNA-certified, you can increase your employment opportunities. With advanced Cisco certifications, you can acquire more profound skills and exceed the demands of your organisation.

Networking professionals with CCNA certification can negotiate for a higher salary. Most companies nowadays rely on cloud computing and SDNs over traditional networking. Networking professionals should upgrade their skills with these changes to stay relevant in the industry.

Cisco training modules are a great way to help professionals stay relevant in this ever-evolving IT world. Here is the list of possible job roles for professionals after CCNA training.

  • System administrator
  • Network security engineer
  • Senior system engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Information Technology Manager

A Prerequisite for Future Certifications

A majority of professional and expert-level Cisco certifications require CCNA as a prerequisite. Only when you are CCNA-certified you can undergo training in other Cisco certifications. Thus, you should plan wisely if you want to complete the entire Cisco program. Moreover, if you have a valid CCNA certification, it is crucial to opt for other certifications.

Employers prefer Cisco-certified Professionals

Employers nowadays increasingly hire workers who possess proper training and certifications. So if you are CCNA-certified, there are higher chances that employers will prefer you over others.

Furthermore, Cisco training validates that you have a certain level of skills and knowledge required to execute your role. Cisco partners prioritise hiring CCNA-certified professionals. The more certifications you achieve, the better will be your recognition and remuneration.

Enrol in Cisco training and certification today and accelerate your career prospects in the networking domain.

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