How are the Stryker stair chairs better to handle risks?

The new and scientifically proven model in wheelchairs is available in the market. The Stryker stair is one of the latest models for wheelchair users. This is exclusive as it has three standard patient straps. It also has two chest restraints as well as one ankle restraint. This product is certified to operating specifications.

How is it better?

The stryker stair chair has been proved by the experts that it can reduce the risk of the user. The user will be less liable to injury and will have less physical stress. This has been discovered by the independent ergonomic experts.

  • The operator or the user can be positioned comfortably as it has adjustable handles. It also has angle of the track and built –in control of the features. This is a very decent way to operate the vehicle.
  • The Stair- Pro is said to be the safest chair in this product. This is an innovative inclusion in the entire system. This is very helpful for the medics to transport the patient downstairs without the need to lift.
  • This has the fastener systems that make it easier for others especially the EMS teams to handle the patient safely and efficiently. They are basically responsible to assist in loading and unloading the patient that can be done with the touch of a button.
  • The stryker stair chair has shown the best solutions that are able to address critical issues. It very much affects the caregivers as well as the patients. This is supposed to be an excellent condition and is a breakthrough in mobility vans.

The operators can move the patients down the stairs by significantly reducing the risk of any type of injury. The product is light in weight and very convenient to use. It is designed in an advanced manner that has rugged reliability and superior ergonomics.