Handbook from DXB Apps to validate your app idea


DXB apps has been involved in mobile app development Dubai for a long time now. Our team of professional software developers has worked on and designed countless applications for businesses and people from all verticals of the professional world. And the most important thing our team has realized is that it is easier to come up with an app idea, however validating it is often the tough part. Mobile app development Dubai has been critical of apps that are finely developed but fail to succeed because they are not validated in the right way. So, the professionals at DXB apps have come up with a quick handbook that you can use to validate your app and ensure better reach.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. For effective mobile app development Dubai, it is vital to identify and analyze your app. Make sure you spend time on thinking about the goals and objectives you have for your app. 
  2. Plug your apps into important tools that can help you analyze if they are achieving the intended purpose. Use the tools mentioned below to check this:
  • LinkedIn – gives information about the app and how many employees it has. Seeing positive networking information, regardless of profits or revenue gives out a positive signal to investors. 
  • ASO tools – this tool helps you analyze vital ranking information for mobile app development Dubai. You can easily view your competitors, their rankings and the number of downloads their apps have. This information can help you opt for better marketing tools and do better. 
  • Crunchbase: this tool will enable you to monitor if you have raised funds for your application. 
  1. Keep an eye on the keywords that you use for your mobile app development Dubai. Before you develop an app think about 5 most important keywords that describe you app. You can then plug these in to tools like Your ASO Tool and check the search popularity for it. Another tool to use for mobile app development Dubai is AdWords Google Keyword Planner tool that allows you to view how many searches occur per month. 
  2. Audience is the most important vertical for mobile app development Dubai. The people who will be using the app should be the ones influencing its development. You should carry out surveys and questionnaires on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, reddit and Instagram. Social media platforms are vital in the process of validating your app post carrying out brainstorming sessions for ideas. 
  3. Analyzing your apps market fit is of utmost importance to mobile app development Dubai. This usually happens after you have validated your app idea and can aid you in knowing how monetization models can help you with potential users. Start by creating a market fit spreadsheet matrix for all the features you offer and then make one for 5 competitor apps. 

Here’s all you need to know for validating your app idea. DXB apps is the towns best app service provider so make sure you visit us for more!