Getting Targeted Instagram Followers: Things to Do to Make it Happen

The first thing you need to do when it comes to getting targeted Instagram followers is to do “target audience” research. You can’t produce the appropriate content unless you know what your followers are attracted to. To write engaging, relevant content, you need to know the “voice” your audience finds the most relatable. To discover your best time to post, you’ll need to know when your target audience is online. Basically, to experience successful Instagram marketing at its fullest, you need to know a great deal about your audience first. The question is; how do you find your target audience on Instagram? The following steps will help.

Start with Your Buyer Personas

Most businesses already have a buyer persona, meaning that they already have a firm idea who their ideal customer is. This information can be used to define the ideal Instagram audience. If you know what your typical customer looks like, when you start assessing your Instagram analytics, you’ll be able to add additional nuances and details to your customers’ profiles based on the social data.

Check Your Instagram demographics

Demographical insights into your Instagram audience can be extremely useful. Visit your Insights on Instagram and click on Audience. Here you’ll discover the three most important statistics related to your followers; gender, age, and location. This is especially important if you decide to run Instagram ads because using this data will make it easier to get your content in front of your target audience. You’ll also find useful insights into those that are already following you. If you discover that your general buyer persona is in alignment with your demographic stats, getting targeted Instagram followers will be a lot easier.

Observe Your Followers

Observing your current followers is something that is definitely worth doing as part of your Instagram target audience research. A great place to get started is to check out the people that are already following and engaging with you. While in Instagram, click on people who commented on and/or liked your latest posts. This will take you to their accounts. From here, check out what they’re posting, what hashtags they’re utilizing, and what kind of captions they use. If you see that your followers use a lot of abbreviations or emojis, including similar elements in your captions can help make them more relatable.

Use Instagram Polls

Polls are another way to research what type of content your audience prefers to see in the feed. You may already have a good idea of why Instagrammer’s are following your account, but it can’t hurt to ask again via a poll to confirm you’re on the right track. Polls can also help indicate when you’re not.

Test Different Photo Techniques

When it comes to getting targeted Instagram followers, posting great, unique content is key. Posting superior content can potentially drive more ready-to-buy, targeted traffic to your site. Test a variety of techniques to determine which types of content result in the majority of sales and/or traffic to your site from your shoppable Instagram posts.

If yourb rand hasn’t been achieving positive returns, it’s time to ramp up your marketing. Getting targeted Instagram followers opens the door to more opportunities to engage with users, deliver unique user experiences and increase sales. The steps listed here will help you do just that.