Get ADA Compliance with The Accessibe WordPress Plugin


Accessibe is the name of a great plugin for WordPress site accessibility, and it helps make your blogs and sites fully compliant with the ADA guidelines. Every state and nation have its own laws when it comes to website accessibility, and this motivated the creation of this plugin. It is a complete solution for all of your accessibility issues. You just have to download this plugin and follow the instructions that are sent to you. With a few simple clicks, you are able to make your site accessible to all on the Internet, especially users with a disability.

Skip the effort with the Accessibe WordPress Plugin

The Accessibe WordPress plugin helps you make your site 100% compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. This Act was created for people with disabilities or a person with a mental or a physical impairment that substantially limits their life activity in one or more than one way. Besides the above, Congress defined specific conditions like alcoholism, deafness, blindness, and others to be disabilities as well.

The impact on search engine optimization

The success of the site or your blog relies on its traffic and search engine ranking. If you want to get most people to search and visit your site, then it has to be optimized for key search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. However, there is a danger for sites that use Flash, dynamic content, or JavaScript, as screen readers cannot access these components and read out loudly.

Users are generally unaware of the above issue unless they encounter such an inaccessible web page while they go through your website via mobile devices with an enabled voiceover. Now, if this occurs, the user will be frustrated and believe your site is no good to them. They no longer come back to your site. This is the case with a single visitor- imagine this happening to many visitors.

The ultimate result is that you will lose visitors and potential customers. With high bounce rates, you lose money and suffer losses. This establishes the importance of you having an accessible website.

The goal of Accessibe

The primary goal of Accessibe is to reduce the need for manual adherence to fix accessibility issues to make it compliant with the guidelines of the ADA. The plugin works with every theme or template that has been installed on WordPress 3.5+ and mobile themes or WPtouch. You can focus on your website better and not bother about its design, code, and tests.

You should also note that Accessibe WordPress works on static front web pages. Suppose you wish to ensure something else is ADA compliant and accessible. In that case, you can use the FlexiPage plugin that generates a static HTML post or page, making them accessible for your site.

From the above, it is evident that this plugin is indispensable for all businesses as it helps you save time and money on accessibility issues. You can ensure your site is ADA compliant and keep lawsuits pertaining to compliance at bay.