Four Myths About 3D Printing That You Shouldn’t Believe

Though Technology is entirely a gift of science, it brings along many myths that deviate the masses. 3D printing may look a smaller aspect in this perspective, but it too has some fatuous myths about it, which must be debunked. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. 3D Printers Are Immensely Expensive: 

Well, this is very misleading. It is true that there are high-cost 3D printers but they are costly as per their production. Printers used for larger industrial use, require more equipment. That’s when the price rises. Otherwise, they are easily affordable. Also, some people believe that a simple 3D printing can cause them huge bucks, but again, that’s not true. Regular printings cost merely some bucks.

  1. It Will Harm the Environment: 

Here the point usually believed is, having an object that will release plastic objects can easily destroy the environment. But it is not true. The objects can be completely biodegradable and recycled. In fact, there have already been inventions that promise how 3D printing can be supportive of the environment.

  1. It Will Cause Less Human Requirement in Jobs: 

This is a man-made fear that bringing in 3D printers will cause us to lose our jobs as half of the job will be done by them. But this is nothing but a myth. There is no way it makes the company require less people. In fact, as Lezar3D says it has given more opportunities to people in the field of designing. Not only this, but it is also being used in educational institutions today.

  1. Everyone Will Be Able to Print Fake Products: 

It is not a lie that companies fear about their designs being stolen and producing fake versions. But this is more a matter of the company’s attitude towards its customers. They have to decide whether they want their customers to create, download, and print their designs. In fact, uploading all the designs online will let everyone know that the designs belong to that particular company. However, if anyone is still worried about it, there is a solution too. The company can use blockchain to keep track of their 3D printed products.

There are indeed other myths that people have still believed. From believing 3D printing is a very complex technology to believing everyone will print firearms using the technology, the myths span. But they are just myths.