Five Tips To Improve Advertising Campaign Landing Pages

Landing pages nowadays are key elements that would considerably affect the success of your digital marketing campaigns. i.e. the end margin. When most the visitors of your website are coming through advertising campaigns including paid search (e.g. Google Adwords Ads or Bing Ads) or display ads, often online sales or conversions could go wrong. It is very important to not place the full blame on the online advertising channels or campaigns, but take some time to review the entire setup of your landing pages.

Let’s examine a few tips that will help you improve the experience of your website visitors or customers when they are using your landing pages.

  1. The landing page must be relevant.
  2. Build trust and credibility.
  3. Remove distraction.
  4. Ensure uniform user experience.
  5. Speed up your landing page.
  6. The landing page must be relevant.

Whenever possible, you should direct your ads to a page that is directly relevant to your ad text and keywords. In most cases, it is possible. The exception is that sometimes you have a keyword for your product which does not really have a page on your website. What would you do with this scenario? Simply create this new page.

What do you do with a generic keyword that is not specific enough for any of your product pages? Take it to your website’s homepage.

Always remember the best practice is that when your ad is specific to a product, it should lead to a specific page.

  1. Build trust and credibility.

On your product landing page, include the reviews of that product that were written by your customers.

  1. Remove distraction.

It is usually tempting to distract your website visitors. For example, the main distraction could be an entry popup that is immediately shown to any visitors. The popup certainly would serve a purpose such as capturing the information of the visitors, but it may also be a sales/conversion terminator that triggers a bounce on your landing page.

  1. Ensure uniform user experience.

Make sure you can provide a mobile version of your website and/or landing pages to the visitors. One way is the harder way – Build a separate landing page just for all your mobile visitors. The downside is that you will have to maintain two versions of your landing pages i.e. Desktop and mobile.

The second way which is improved, is to develop your website / landing pages with the responsive web design concept. Regardless of visiting from mobile devices or desktop computers, your landing pages would render and show the suitable version to the visitors.

  1. Speed up your landing page.

One of the best way is to make your landing pages load faster for visitors. Start implementing all the technical work that have proved to get web pages load faster. On top of that, use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which is recommended by Google. The AMP technique is best suitable for websites or landing pages which contain mostly static information and would definitely be helpful to speed up your landing page.