Five Bad SEO Practices That Will Destroy Your Website Ranking

The trick to implement an effective SEO strategy doesn’t lie in what you do, but in what you must not do. No matter if you are just starting it or have been into digital marketing for a while, there are a lot of things that go into SEO Sydney. With so many decisions to make and consider, mistakes can happen, and some of them can wipe out all your efforts. A small mistake can dramatically affect your bottom line. Take a look on to these common mistakes that can affect your website’s ranking.

Targeting the Wrong keywords 

The goal of SEO Sydney is to bring more traffic to your website. Considering the fact that about 90% of online experience begin with a search, it is crucial for your business to target the right keywords for ranking higher in the search engines. To maintain first page rankings on search engines, you have to implement a proactive, best SEO Sydney strategy.

Targeting the wrong keywords will bring you traffic but will not increase your sales. Why? Because your target audience will not be converted as they are not looking for what you are offering. If your conversions are not what they are supposed to be, you may face this issue. So ensure you are targeting the right keywords that your consumers use when they are for a site like yours.

Ignoring Meta Descriptions and Title Tags 

Words are powerful than actions. When you have got only words to attract your consumers, use it wisely. The Meta description is the catchy description that you can see under a title tag in SERPs. Although you cannot find much difference from one website to another, you have to play with the words that are not only relevant to your website but also attractive that catches a customer’s attention. Ensure each webpage has a unique title and description and include the targeted keywords.

Duplicate Content 

When it comes to SEO Sydney, content is king. What is the point in having duplicate contents on your website? In fact, duplicate contact can negatively impact your site’s ranking. Duplicate content can arise from a number of issues, including article syndication, RSS feeds, etc. Make sure your links are consistent and produce high-quality content.

Not realising your site is penalised 

You may implement all effective SEO strategies. But, still you could not get the results and are clueless what went wrong. May be your site is penalised by Google. It is hard to fix the issue without knowing whether it exists or not. Keyword stuffing, slow load time, and spamming are some of the significant reasons your site is penalised. So, keep an eye on those areas. If you are not sure, get help from SEO experts.

Slow loading 

Slow loading is one of the significant reasons why you are not getting higher ranks in search engines. At times, it hurts the domain authority as well. If your website takes ages to load, the users will be more likely to bounce off your website. Moreover, an increase in bounce rate will affect your SEO. Even a delay in milliseconds than other site is crucial when it comes to ranking in search engines, especially Google. So, boost the site speed.

When it comes to SEO, being proactive is the key. If you are struggling, choose SEO packages Sydney offered by SEO experts to avoid these mistakes and save you from the unnecessary hurdles in the future.