Factors to consider before shortlisting a potential Logo designer

How much time do he / she take before replying to an email or a sudden change of plan? How does the designer react to a variation? How do they exhibit and present themselves? A professional Logo designer would ensure smooth, prompt, and timely communication, work flow, and customer service no matter what the situation is.

Previous Work

It is important for a designer to have an eminent portfolio, but what’s even more important is that can he explain it? They should be able to explain their motivation behind the designs, the mindset they followed, and what meaning do they carry? A professional will easily convey his thoughts about the selection of colors, images, and explain why he created it that way. An amateur Logo designer on the hand, will seem to have a moody or a random approach towards their choice.

Awards, Publication, & Recognition

Have they ever been honored with an award? Has their work featured in a magazine or a book? How recognized are they in the industry? Are they affiliated with any design association or publications? This will indicate their passion for their craft.

Work Pattern

Everyone’s workstyle varies.  But, do they have a logo design process or are they just mass producing logos? There a few indefinite steps to be followed for the creation of a fine logo. It is crucial to make sure that he/she follows those steps of wisdom. Also, how consistently does this individual meet the set milestones? A regular workflow is necessary to avoid instability and maximum efficiency.

Costs & Timeframe

You should never force a good and thoughtful designer to shorten his timeframe of completion of the work. This might affect his performance. But, you should definitely make certain that the daily goals are met. It is common for a good design to take days and even months to conclude, because it is something that your company will wear for a long time as its face.

Do not outsource a freelancer from overseas to do the job, chances are that they might be inexperienced. Also, do not try to save some bucks on this work. Here, both over expending and under expending might be a bad idea. Pay the price that you think is worth it.


Checking their previous client’s satisfaction level, comments, and reviews on their online portfolio, website, or social media will help undoubtedly. This will also give you a sense of their workstyle, approach, usage of colors, designs, themes, and the message behind their strokes. But, make sure to check the credibility of those testimonials by looking for a web address or by emailing them.


There are many factors to be considered before shortlisting a Logo designer. Firstly, have some idea of what are you expecting from the logo. The color palette, the brand message, styling, etc. Then, jot down the above check-list, and start shortlisting from a plethora of wordpress development!