Expert’s Opinion on Microsoft’s Big Data Strategy

If you have been following the giants in the technology sector, you may know that Microsoft is working hard on shaping big data. Some of the advancements they have made are in line with improving the use of big data in the future.

According to top officials in the company, the Microsoft Corporation has not done enough regarding big data in the past. Now they want everyone to know that the plans they have set up will take the data sector to a whole new level.

They have several strategies that will be rolled out in phases to back up the Hadoop technology that they are already using. They feel that it will be good if the world knew about some of these strategies.

Improved Hadoop Application

According to Dave Campbell, one of the most experienced data experts in the company, Hadoop is just the beginning of better things to come from Microsoft. Experts are working hard to integrate this powerful big data open software so that it is more interactive. Right now, only experts can understand Hadoop and even interact with the software that almost looks like rocket science to a layman.

But in the future, Microsoft has a strategy to make it more user-friendly. Any person with a basic IT background can analyze big data sets and make sensible reports out of them. For now, this is one of the biggest data strategies for Microsoft.

More Interactive Software

In the future, the company is planning to come up with software that can handle data in a better way. The Microsoft Azure, which is cloud-based software, provides people with an opportunity to collect, analyze, and interpret data. The company manages all of the data centers to make sure that all users get the full support and nothing is left unattended.

According to Active Wizards experts, more applications that are interactive are targeting corporations and businesses that handle a lot of data. Their aim is to bring an easy approach to large data sets and making logical reports without a lot of involvement of human effort.

Better Use of External Data

Apart from analyzing and presenting internal data, Microsoft is interested in helping companies and organization take advantage of the external data. After all, this is what big data is all about. But what strategies do they have for this? No matter what industry you are in, the Microsoft software that is about to get rolled will assist in the integration of data. Others have already done this and that is why companies can access information from their competitors and other sectors.

But it will be better to have Microsoft bring this because their application and software is reliable, user-friendly, and many programs are already in use. Thus, it will be less costly and more convenient to use what they will bring forward.


Microsoft is about to change the face of big data with their strategies. Every business and company that taps into this will definitely have more benefits and an easier time when dealing with big data. Keep your eyes open to see what these experts will bring to the table for you.