Everything you need to know about online trading on NYSE: CIG.C

CEMIG is the Brazilian power firm that is headquartered in Belo Horizonte which is a capital of the state, Minas Gerais. The Firm is amongst the largest generators of power and the distributors across Brazil, responsible for as much as 12% of national distribution. The firm is also the 4th largest electricity firm in Brazil by revenue post-Energisa, Eletrobras, and CPFL Energia.

The largest network

It is present in as many as 22 States of Brazil and Chile. With over 50 plus power plants currently in operation, the majority of them hydroelectric, the firm owns about 6,000 Mega Watt of the generation capacity. Cemig also goes on to owninternet, a cable television, and a business of telecommunications called Infoviasthat uses the firm’s transmission and the lines of the distribution. Nearly half of the Cemig’s stock is generally owned by a state of the Minas Gerais. You can get more stock news at stock trading app.

The firm is thoroughly responsible for serving nearly 18 million individuals in 774 municipalities of the Minas Gerais and for management of one of the largest networks of power distribution inSouth America, with over 400 plus thousandkilometers of lines.


CEMIGstands for CompanhiaEnergetica de Minas Gerais which is the holding firm that is engaged in the generation, transmission, and lastly distribution of the electricity. The firm’s segments generally include the Generation, the Transmission, the Distribution, the Telecom, Gas, and several other.

The Firm, through its interests in the subsidiaries or JCE that is, jointly controlled entities is involved in activities of construction and the operation of the system for the sale of electricity, along with theseveral fields of telecommunications and energy, for a commercial operation.

Summary of CIG Stock

  • The price to towing 12-month working cash flow for CIG.C is currently about 0.61, higher than just 5.3% of the US stocks with positive working cash flow.
  • With year after year rise in debt of around -42.89 percent, the Energy firm Of Mina’s debt growth rate excel merely 6.48 percent of the US stocks.
  • As for the revenue growth, it is notable that CIG’s revenue has grown -31.43% inthe past 12 months; that goes on to beat the revenue increase of only 6.23 percent of US firms in the set.
  • Stocks with identicalmarket capitalization, financial metrics, and the price volatility to Energy Firm Of Minas Gerais are TKC, SID, TWER, SKYS, andENIA.

Final Words

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