Everything to Know About Using Standby Generators from AlltimePower

When someone is searching for a way to restore power during a power outage or after a storm, they have a few options. According to AlltimePower, the two most common options include a standby generator and a portable generator. As a home or business owner, it is necessary to figure out which one is best for meeting your home or business needs.

The Problem with Portable Generators

Portable generators are not as expensive as a traditional standby generator. They can usually be purchased for between $500 and $2K. However, remember that this type of generator does not provide the same power capacity for a home or business as a standby generator. With a portable generator, it may be possible to power a refrigerator, TV, lights, water heater, or septic pump, but not a full home or business.

Also, if someone chooses a portable generator, they are going to have to deal with an array of extension cords running from the generator to the appliances, which creates a trip hazard. Also, portable generators have to be filled up with fuel regularly to ensure they continue to run. A standby generator usually has a direct connection to the home’s natural gas line, which means there is no need to refuel it.

The more-severe issue is that portable generators are typically more dangerous. It is essential to ensure the area is adequately ventilated to avoid problems related to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Who Should Invest in a Standby Generator?

Both commercial property owners and homeowners can benefit from the installation of a standby generator. Homeowners can benefit from a generator because they do not have to deal with spoiled food or other issues when a power outage occurs. Also, if someone works from home, standby generators make smart, solid investments. Having a standby generator ensures the property owner does not have to worry about losses due to situations that might otherwise be beyond their control.

For commercial property owners, having this type of generator in place makes it simple to find and keep tenants. Business owners do not have to worry about losing their customers or inventory.

Standby Generators and Property Values

It is important to note that it is impossible to receive the full value of an investment when property improvements are made. However, according to some reports, a person can recover up to 54% of the total investment in the generator.

With that being said, having this type of standby generator in place may make it much easier to sell a home or property, resulting in significant savings. Also, while it may not be possible to get a return of 100%, having a generator may help prevent severe losses. In some situations, having the generator may even reduce a person’s insurance.

Finding the Right Generator

When it comes to choosing the right generator, there are a lot of options. It may be helpful to work with the professionals to find a generator that meets the needs and specifications of the home or business. Be informed and know why a generator is a smart investment.