Email validation best practices

An effective email campaign and a return on investment need an up-to-date email list. We’ll examine the best ways to validate emails to make sure your subscriber lists are clean and your campaigns are successful.

Natural subscriber attrition occurs when individuals quit businesses or change their personal email addresses, and this results in an annual decrease of 22.5% for email lists. Maintaining your lists is highly recommended by email marketing professionals. You’ll get bouncebacks, and your material won’t be viewed if you don’t do frequent email list verifications to remove invalid or abandoned accounts.

Use these email verification best practices to combat the problem:

Verify customer email addresses to ensure delivery to the inbox

Using our email validation service, companies can ensure that their subscriber lists are accurate. You just need to add an email API to any forms where you gather client data, such as online forms, landing sites, and contact pages, in order to validate emails in real-time without sending anything. This procedure serves as the initial line of defense in the fight against email list fraud.

Consider how much better your marketing program will perform if you validate an email address online and send an email campaign to a more accurate list of email addresses. Not to mention the fact that using an email validation service has certain added advantages:

Maintain the reputation of your IP/domain as a sender

Email service providers use sender scores to determine whether or not you can be trusted with your outgoing emails. The emails will either bounce or wind up in the spam bin if they are sent to an unreliable email address list. Bounce rates of 3 percent to 5 percent are generally accepted by marketing professionals. Bounce rates that are too high hurt your sender score and raise an eyebrow among Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Defend yourself against being placed on a “do not contact” list

Email addresses that are invalid, faulty, or misspelled are more likely to be spammed and may even result in your ISP blocking your account. Senders may label your emails as spam, which can lead to them being banned. We help you prevent this by providing an email validation service.

Boost your income potential by whatever means necessary.

This helps you get your emails to the appropriate people, boosting the likelihood that they will become paying clients. To get the most return on your email marketing efforts, make sure you’re delivering to the appropriate people by segmenting and distributing your content to the correct people.

Create sales possibilities by converting email addresses.

Email addresses are often typed incorrectly. It’s easy for to change its domain name to because people notice when an email goes unopened. We’ll let you know if the email address you entered is invalid and provide a recommendation for a new valid value using our built-in suggestion service.

Suspicious emails should be reported and deleted.

You want your emails to be sent to actual individuals so that you may improve consumer interaction. There are several email addresses that don’t really belong to a person, such as help@. In addition, throwaway email addresses are short-lived email accounts often utilized by spammers. Invalid email addresses will be identified by our email verification API, and they may be removed from your list. This will assist in lowering bounce rates and concerns about SPAM. This will help.