Elevate Your Data Protection Career with Different Courses

Nowadays, most digital interactions that take place on a mobile device, computer, or a cash register will need the input of some kind of data. Business and personal data have become highly valuable so knowing how to protect them has become increasingly crucial as well.

As a result, professionals who know and understand regulation compliance and best practices have become in demand. That said, those who are pursuing a data privacy career path are also working on elevating their data protection career through data privacy certification and practitioner certificate in data protection.

Data Protection Courses That Can Elevate Your Data Protection Career

Below are some of the certifications data protection professionals can pursue:

Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP)

This certification program focuses on the practical applications of data privacy regulations and laws. The certification is ideal for those who want a career in information management, data governance, human resources, etc.

Since compliance regulations can vary from one location to another, the CIPP program will feature four concentrations. Each of the features is relevant to a specific global region. In each concentration, participants will study:

  • Jurisdictional regulations, laws, and enforcement models
  • Foundation privacy concepts and principles
  • Legal requirements for transferring and handling data

Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)

This certification focuses on the strategies required to implement data privacy regulations and laws in all business operations. The CIPM certification is also considered relevant to those who are seeking a job in privacy administration and operations, risk management, privacy or auditing analytics, etc.

Skills participants can learn from the program include:

  • Creating a data privacy philosophy for the company
  • Structuring privacy and data protection teams
  • Maintaining and implementing privacy programs
  • Measuring performance
  • Communicating with stakeholders

Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT)

This program helps participants understand the technological aspects of privacy and data protection. Information technology, information security, and software engineering professionals will find the CIPT certification program particularly beneficial. Those who complete the program will learn how to:

Integrate data protection best practices when developing services, products, and services

Establish privacy protocols for data security

Analyze new technologies 

Protect data from interference

Audit data infrastructure to determine possible privacy problems and provide solutions

GDPR-Certified Data Protection Officer

This training focuses on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, an essential skill if you work for an organisation that interacts with companies in the European Union. While training to become a Certified Data Protection Officer, participants will also learn new skills through practical exercises.

The program will also teach participants how to advise and monitor GDPR compliance in the workplace daily. Other important aspects of the course include understanding how the GDPR interacts with regulatory standards and learning how to cooperate with supervisory authorities.

Certified in Data Protection

A Certified in Data Protection program teaches participants the privacy laws as they apply to each data life cycle stage and the best practices for international security standards. Since privacy and data security are considered interconnected, the program also addresses essential security concepts and risk analysis.

The certification is considered ideal for professionals who are looking for comprehensive data protection training rather than training that has a specialized and in-depth focus.