Electric Standing Desks – What Are They And Their Types and Benefits

Work culture and long sitting hours at the office have started affecting the quality of life. It does not just include the problems caused by low metabolism and obesity, it also includes a reduced average life span. Thus, the ideal way to reverse the side-effects of constant sitting hours – that reduce fat metabolism and increase cholesterol deposition – is standing for as long as possible. However, maintaining the correct posture while standing is of equal importance since a wrong posture can strain your neck and spine. The only possible ways to eliminate all these problems and risks are sit-standing desks. Their benefits include the following.

  • Helps with weight management since the body consumes more calories while standing
  • Obesity management lowers the risk of diabetes and heart disorders
  • They ease neck and spinal pain and reduces the risk of bone and joint disorders

Since they offer so many benefits, they are an absolute necessity these days. The guide below will cruise you through the best electric standing desks and their special features.

  1. Sit-Stand 2-Stage Single-Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

This is a height adjustable electric standing desk. You can easily adjust its height anywhere between 28.7″ to 48″. In other words, it is perfect for people of different profiles – tall as well as short. Some of its best attributes are listed below.

  • It can memorize up to 3 height adjustment levels
  • The height changing speed between different levels is just 38mm/s
  • It gives out constant reminders to keep a balance between sitting hours and standing hours
  • It is very strong and can easily handle desktops and laptops as heavy as 176 lbs
  1. Sit-Stand Dual-Motor Height Adjustable ADR Desk

This double motor sit-standing electric desk has advanced features like;

  • An LED supported memory controller that starts blinking when you’ve been in the same position – sitting or standing – for too long
  • 2 motors to support more weight – as much as 124 kgs
  • Memory presets that can remember any 3 height levels of your choice
  • Quick height transition speed of 38mm/s
  1. 3-Stage Reverse Triple Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk

This is one of the most advanced 3-legged electric sit/standing desk and it can be used to adjust the height anywhere between 24.4″- 50.4″. It has;

  • An LED memory controller that remembers any 3 height levels that you choose
  • It gives out constant reminders when it is time to change the position from sitting to standing and vice-versa