Digital Marketing and SEO changes

A big part of any successful digital marketing Howell strategies is SEO. But that has changed in recent years, and in order to be more successful businesses and organizations need to ensure the content is high value, and relevant, that websites load quickly and are mobile friendly, that other things like image SEO is also optimized. Here is a closer look at some changes experts in SEO and digital marketing can make to get the best results.

Ranking is exactly not what it once was

There was a time when you needed to make the first page as that was where all the clicks happened. While it is still where most of them happen, things have changed and it is easier for users to scroll through a few pages so your ranking results could still count even when on the second, or third page or so.

Product pages also need SEO

Product pages to need to have more details than just a picture and price. Descriptions, drop-down menus, links to customer reviews, FAQs and so on make the content more informative and fill it out with details customers want. Things customers like to know that you could include here are whether you offer free shipping, if there are guarantees or warranties, and what your return policy is.

Focus on competitor SEO analysis

A good way to make sure you are keeping up with the competition and staying ahead in your industry is to check out competitors and see what kind of SEO strategy they are using. An SEO and digital marketing Brick can do this well and make sure you are including content on your site that is relevant to your industry and up to date and what your audience wants to read. Look at how they establish trustworthiness, authority, experience and expertise both with off page efforts and on page efforts.

Improve your image SEO

Images have an important role to play in rankings though they have often been neglected on many websites. A great digital marketing Howell professional can ensure you take proper advantage of images and how they can improve your SEO. They offer opportunities for adding more keywords and related terms on the page using alt text and that is something Google likes to see as it helps their crawlers understand the content better and its relevance. Alt text makes content more accessible as well since it makes it easier for people with connectivity challenges, people who have limited bandwidth and for those who are visually impaired.

Ensure websites are high performing 

Having fast loading sites has always been a good aim to have in website design and digital marketing Brick because people do not hang around for long if sites are not quick enough to load. But now Google places more importance on websites that are fast and high-performing. It uses signals to tell whether a page is something users rate as high performing and those sites that are not do not get ranked as highly.