Cyber Security: Protecting Businesses against Cybercrime 

With the world moving towards the online realm, many of us believe that it is an amazing evolution in mankind’s history – and it is. 

We can easily communicate with people from around the world, start-up our own online business, virtually shop with the convenience of staying at home, get an education from anywhere in the world and so much more. However, the use of online services can also be used in a negative way. 

For example, let us consider cybercrime which has been causing havoc in the online world for so long. And it continues to get worse as more people begin to enter the virtual world. So how one can put an end to it? Let us see what professionals like Charles Iheagwara have to share on the subject. 

As a highly acclaimed American IT management executive, technology researcher, inventor, entrepreneur, and more, Charles Iheagwara is one of the very few people who has worked towards bringing about significant results within the IT industry. 

Iheagwara currently serves as the Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, where he works with a team of professionals to secure the Azure cloud platform and protect customers’ assets on the cloud. He is also an inventor and technology researcher with a United States patent in Information Technology Enterprise Intrusion Prevention Implementation Tool. As such, he has more than 40 publications, some of which are cited by the ACM Digital Library and ResearchGate. 

Moreover, Iheagwara also led the panel discussion that was hosted by the Kogod School of Business on the campus of American University on how business and government should approach corporate cybersecurity. 

As someone who has spent many years in the IT industry, Iheagwara believes that one of the main reasons why employees become victims of cybercrime is because they have not been trained to fight against it. Here are a few things you can do to change that. 

Be Cautious of Suspicious Emails 

One of the most common ways hackers breach security systems is through phishing scams. Train your employees to have a vigilant eye on how they can identify phishing scams. For example, they should be taught not to open any email that does not come from a reputable source or if the email address has various grammatical errors. If you have a professional IT staff, you can always ask them to inspect these emails to check for their legitimacy. 

Choosing Better Passwords 

Most people tend to keep the same password for all their accounts, but this actually ends up becoming one of the fastest ways hackers can enter your system and steal personal information from you. Make your employees choose better passwords – the more complex choices they pick, the better. 

Setting Policies to Enhance Cybersecurity 

One of the best ways to ensure the security of your systems is to create some protocols centered on protecting the sensitive information of the company from getting into the wrong hands. One way to do this is to set up a policy that states that no employee can use a company computer without having adequate security training or prohibit sharing the logins for software and networks.