Complete information on Dedicated Servers 

An Overview:

As the name suggests, a dedicated server is a server in which the individual user can use the whole server completely. It is a special type of web hosting which wants full control over their server. Unlike the shared server, there is no need to share the server with any other host. In dedicated server services, (บริการ dedicated server, which is the term in Thai), you can do configuration as per your own needs, installation of applications is possible easily. The most interesting thing is, the dedicated server users can make complete use of hard disk space as well as bandwidth.

Types of Dedicated Servers:

There are two different types of dedicated servers i.e., managed one and unmanaged one. If the user chooses a managed dedicated server, the operating system will be maintained and managed by the internet service provider. There is no need to hire administrative staff for ensuring the operation. The users find it an apt option because their concentration is not diverted to any other thing and they can still focus on the core business growth.

In the unmanaged specify web hosting, the operating system is managed by the client only. Although, the security of the server, bandwidth, and storage will be provided by the web hosting company only. In this case, the user should have the backup of technical support which will be active if an emergency arises. If you want to have a soul control over the server, this kind of web hosting is best.

Perks of dedicated Web hosting:

Dedicated web hosting is a special type of web hosting that offers enough perks to users. Let’s ponder what dedicated web hosting can offer you.

  • One of the major advantages of dedicated web hosting is flexibility. The users can install any required application and software.
  • As you can have complete control over the server, so the stability can be easily attained. It is impossible to get in the other type of servers.
  • Another important benefit is quick access and customization. You can have access to your server anytime.
  • If you are planning to rent a server (เช่า server, term in Thai) you must choose the dedicated server. You can easily rely on it because they can offer you the greater security which no other server can give you.