Comparison Of Cold Calls And Correspondence: How To Get 221 Sales Per Month Using One Of The Methods


There are many methods and cases, however, a comparison of correspondence and cold calls gives a significant result in increasing sales. This method includes process automation. Experts scrupulously studied the method and analyzed the figures obtained.

Note that during the coronavirus, many companies faced a shortage of customers. For example, this law firm specializes in registering brands around the world. Although the main audience is in North America and Central Europe. Our customers are people who trade on Amazon and pay attention to protecting their products from copying.

At some point, the company began to lose its regular customers, the number of applications decreased. As a result, sales fell. The question arose, what to do? Of course, experts drew attention to attracting leads and creating new schemes. Work began with cold calls.

The main problems with correspondence and cold calls

Within seven days, experts identified the basic disadvantages of this scheme.


  • Base of numbers.

It is almost impossible to find a complete database of phone numbers. The fact is that such databases are full of empty numbers for which there is no dialing.

  • Negative perception.

Many potential customers are annoyed by cold calls. The situation with the coronavirus added negativity, people began to even more undesirable to respond to calls. Of course, this situation has affected direct sales.

  • High starting costs.

Effective dialing involves significant costs, you need to be prepared for such changes. The organization of telephony takes away not only the strength but also the company’s funds. It is also worth mentioning the purchase of a noise-canceling headset.

After two weeks of ringing, experts concluded that telephony does not bring the proper result. And then it was decided to switch to correspondence on the social network Linkedin. Why did we choose this social network? Everything is very simple. It is in this social network that the main audience of the company is located.

And what do you think? Did we manage to get better results immediately in comparison with calls?


However, even this method did not bring good results. After a week of work, experts recorded a low conversion, the numbers were even worse than when calling. People respond to letters for a long time or lose company messages in everything. If the call goes directly to the phone, the message is often ignored/closed.

But the correspondence made it possible to note several positive points:

  • Correspondence provides an opportunity to show people all the benefits of a product and offer. After all, people’s questions can be answered with a link with a video, article, or presentation. This implies less aggressive attacks on the part of the audience. It is easier for people to independently study the material and draw conclusions.
  • With a positive response, a person can be transferred to the category of hot lead. If the audience is interested in the product, then they easily agree to a telephone conversation.

These factors influenced the decision to continue to work with correspondence. This should be done until the conversion increases and the problems are resolved.

What problems can await specialists?

In the process of adding friends and sending messages, a lot of time is spent on everything. This is the first thing that experts face. At the same time, managers often make mistakes when composing messages. Template messages do not appeal to all people.

Although this problem is being solved.

It is necessary to automate the sending of template messages through special services. In this case, a program called came to the rescue. Note that many services operate in a semi-automatic mode; this is not always convenient and productive. At the same time, they require the hiring of an individual, whose tasks include organizing and managing mailings. The same service is much more expensive than other applications, but it allows you to configure autopilot and save money on the manager’s salary. The average savings were $ 400 per month.

The service has a very simple principle of operation, since you can set a target audience. The text of the message is adjusted and sent individually, the recipients thus feel their peculiarity, willingly responding to the letter. Specialists work with those people who themselves answered the message.

The exception to routine work.

The second problem is related to the number of accounts and invites. The fact is that from one account you can send only three thousand invites in thirty days. For big business, this figure is very small, so it is unlikely to triple entrepreneurs. In this regard, it was decided to register another nine accounts. In the process, managers faced certain problems:

  • A social network often blocks those who log out and switch their accounts. This is a security system that aims to prevent hacking accounts.
  • Managers have to clear the browser history, switch VPNs and do additional futile actions.
  • Clients primarily suffer from all these actions, since managers respond very slowly to potential audiences. The circle of ten accounts is very large for operational work.

Important: Managers spend about three hours not on correspondence with users, but on switching and setting up accounts. This measurement was carried out by a time tracker.

These problems force managers to seek a third solution. But here the main thing is to understand that the service. offers its customers a product testing called – CRM-system. This means that an employee of the company can conduct correspondence simultaneously with ten accounts on the social network Linkedin.

Friendly all office says: “Let’s try”

This method was tested exactly one week, during which time managers encountered bugs. An innovative product is still in development, so some functions do not work 100%. Although technical support did its job with dignity and tried to correct all errors in an accelerated mode. In the second week of testing, managers forgot about errors in the CRM system.

  • Only one manager is responsible for all processes.
  • He led at the same time ten accounts.
  • Reducing the response time to all messages reached twenty minutes.
  • A nice bonus – at work he began to have free time.

Testing in May 2020

Cold correspondence for May made it possible to achieve the following results in work:

  • Over 25,000 invites were sent from our ten accounts.
  • Out of the total number of invites, about 6,900 users responded to the application and received the first auto-message.
  • Approximately 1 173 users responded positively to the message. They were subsequently listed as leads in the system and were added to the AmoCRM system.
  • 527 people submitted their contact details. It was they who switched to active telephone communication with managers. The remaining participants in the system agreed to correspondence.

A total of 163 telephone sales were concluded, also 58 in chat. Managers and specialists highly recommend the cold correspondence method to increase sales. Automated messages are much more efficient than calls, which require both financial costs at the start and a lot of time to call.

On top of that, managers realized that an automated system is much more efficient than calls that require extra cash and a lot of time.

Linkedin’s cold chatting can take customer communication to the next level. Using this method, you can further use the phone or correspondence in instant messengers.