Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting: Which One Should You Choose For Your Business?

When you decide to launch a website, you need to create a site, upload content and media files, buy a domain name, store the site’s files on a web server, and connect the domain to the server. While every aspect of creating a website is important, the web hosting service plays a crucial role in determining its performance and success.

You can choose from a range of hosting services, but choosing the best hosting service for your site can be tricky since it is a technical service, and not all site owners are technically qualified.

In this article, we will talk about two of the most popular types of hosting services – Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server, and compare them to help you find the best Dedicated Server provider or the best Cloud Hosting in India.

When you buy a Cloud Web Hosting service, the Cloud Host will store your website data across a network of cloud-powered servers. On the other hand, in Dedicated Server Hosting, your website is the sole resident of a web server and has all resources and computing power dedicated to it.

Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Feature Dedicated Server Hosting Cloud Hosting
Sharing of the web server In Dedicated Server Hosting, the web server is used dedicatedly by one user. It is NOT shared and hence all resources are at the disposal of the sole user. In Cloud Hosting, the web server is shared between multiple users. However, there is a cloud storage network that provides power to the shared server.
Customizability Being the sole user of the web server, you can make any changes to the hosting environment. You are free to use any OS or install any third-party applications, or make any changes to the configuration of the server as needed by your site. Cloud Hosting offers limited control over the hosting environment since the server and its hosting environment are shared between multiple users.
Scalability If you need to add resources to a Dedicated Server, the costs are usually high, and the upgrade requires time. You will need to specifically look out for a provider that offers quick server provisioning. Since a cloud network backs the shared server, you can add resources to your hosting plan with the click of a button.
Server Management If you opt for an Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting plan, then the entire responsibility of managing and maintaining the server falls on you. Since you have complete access, a small error can be costly. With Unmanaged Cloud Hosting, users have restrictions on the changes they can make. Hence, the damages are limited too.
Costs Dedicated Server Hosting plans are costlier than Cloud Hosting plans because the site is stored on a single web server as opposed to a shared server in Cloud Hosting.
Ideal for… Websites that receive heavy traffic or have content that demands steep resources. Websites with growing businesses since the resource and cost-scalability features make it cost-efficient and aligned with the growing needs of the site.


You can also check out the following video for understanding the differences in detail:

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

Summing Up

Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting have certain advantages and disadvantages. As you can see above, they are designed for websites with different hosting needs. Hence, it is important to understand the hosting needs of your site before looking for a hosting plan.

If Cloud Hosting suits your requirements, then compare hosts, costs, features and ensure that you buy the best Cloud Server in India for your site. If you need a dedicated environment, then ensure that you get all the features your site demands. Good Luck!