Charter Speed Test

You can test your internet connection with Charter Speed Test at free of cost, and it is available for everyone. This is considered internet speed test reserved for Charter customers.

Charter Speed Test – How to test the bandwidth?

Follow the below steps to test the bandwidth:
1) Visit the checkmyspeed website and wait until it gets loaded.
2) Click on the “GO” present in the middle of the screen.
3) Wait until test gets complete. It will take less than a minute.

Here is the link for: CheckMySpeed official site

How to read the Charter Speed Test result

Once the test is over, you will get a summary screen on your result page. It shows both download and upload bandwidth (written in MBPS). It also presents the graphical representation of the results. You will also see your IP address and ISP along with server used during the testing. Logging each test is a good idea, if you are planning to test your Charter connection on a regular basis.

Working of Charter Speed Test

Charter’s test works based on the downloading and uploading, especially pieces of data and logging. Some simple calculation gives you those Mbps numbers in the test results. OOKLA software is used in the Charter Speed Test. The same software is also used by most ISP’s and also by major test providers like
There is a difference between OOKLA – powered test and Charter Speed Test. Charter’s always auto connects to the nearby test server on Charter’s network. This test is not very accurate, but internet speed test accuracy is subjective.

Charter Speed Test accuracy
This test is accurate in case if you are trying to check the connection between home computer setup and charter’s servers which provide internet service. Internet is a network of various devices such as servers, routers, etc. Every website or service uses a different path. Internet speed depends on a lot of factors

Rules to get accurate internet speed test
1) Restart your modem and router
2) Avoid using internet for anything else
3) Before testing always restart your computer or device
4) Clear browser’s cache

Use Charter’s account when you are not a charter customer

Many Internet Service Provider limit their speed test on all of their networks, but Charter does not do that. Charter Speed test offers free testing at its own cost. This test is more useful than a Flash – based testing site. Charter Speed Test is provided and recommended by major US ISP CHARTER.