Block Hexa Puzzle – Honeycomb Shape Puzzle

Hexa block puzzle game is the best test for your puzzle skills. The beautiful and amazing hexagonal puzzle pieces let you enjoy the game at every stage. The best part is, these hexagonal puzzle pieces can easily fit into multiple places in the game

Block Hexa Puzzle is a type of puzzle game that aims to test a person’s intelligence. In puzzle games, the gamer must put all the pieces of the puzzle together in the most amazing and logical way so that he can win at the end. There are many genres of puzzle games, but the basic aim is to test a person’s knowledge and intelligence.

Before diving straight into the details of our honeycomb puzzle game, let’s discuss the details related to puzzle games. However, you can download the most amazing free hexa block puzzle game from here. For the ease of readers, the topic is divided into the following sections:

  • Types of puzzle games
  • Proven benefits of puzzle games for adults
  • How to play the Hexa brick puzzle game
  • Features of free block puzzle game

Types of puzzle games

/Puzzle games are a well-defined solution to the problem defined in the game and are the best way to entertain the solver. The following are the most popular types of puzzle games:

Cryptic puzzles

These are the most widely recognized sort of puzzles found in quality puzzlehunts and departure rooms, and enthusiasts believe these difficulties to be basically puzzles. Such puzzles may, on the other hand, be designated originator puzzles, which are intended to be illuminated all things considered once by a given individual, since some portion of the puzzle is the revelation needed to see an extraction strategy. Planning such puzzles takes a ton of training, along with the information of your crowd. Different people group anticipate different degrees of difficulty.

Logic puzzles

Other than the best Hexa puzzle game, the logic puzzle is normally described by a lattice that must be finished by observing some very much characterized rules. By and large such puzzles have a special arrangement (a property which itself helps the solver filling the framework). Regularly these puzzles might be made simpler by halfway rounding out the puzzle for the solver.

Math puzzles

Math puzzles are of two major types:

Explicit ones:

These puzzles regularly don’t loan themselves to algorithmic arrangements; at any rate, not calculations which are generally instructed in school, in any case. It’s a great puzzle the first occasion when you hear it, yet the top rivals in these rivalries retain several stunts simply like that. So unexpectedly, while these puzzles are commonly intended to challenge understudies’ mathematical capacities, the ideal methodology for understanding such puzzles is to retain an enormous excess of stunts and tricks.

Implicit ones:

It is an advanced math puzzle that paints a story and leaves the use of mathematics up to the solver. It’s significant that this puzzle is exceptionally near being a mathematical “word issue”.

Mechanical puzzles

Likely the most well-known variation of the puzzle, most puzzlers consider a jigsaw piece as the “logo” for confounding. These can be understood through experimentation, yet especially for Rubik’s solid shape type puzzles, there can be mathematical/logical techniques for an answer too.

Trivia puzzles

Trivia puzzles generally have handcrafts. While trivia puzzles regularly have mysterious components, such a puzzle may likewise be express (in which case, it may likewise be a kind of word puzzle). Regardless, the player must have some area information to explain such puzzles, or the capacity to find out about the subject.

Word puzzles

Word puzzles are the puzzles that require information on a language. Most word puzzles are really mathematical in nature; accepting a word reference is accessible. All in all, word puzzles that depend on definitions have a touch of adaptability except if there’s a method to check the arrangement, so planning them takes artfulness. Then again, puzzles like Places Please are really logical puzzles, despite the fact that they use words! This is on the grounds that no earlier information on words is required, as they are totally given. Rather, players should essentially utilize logic to discover how these words can be utilized to round out the network.

Proven benefits of puzzle games for adults

There are multiple famous block puzzle games that people loved for years. However, with the advancement in technology, the trend keeps on changing. From shape puzzle games to block puzzles and brain teasers, everyone has a separate fan base. The following are some proven benefits of playing puzzle games:

Active mind

It can’t be said that puzzles are not an incredible approach to keep your psyche intellectually dynamic and sound. Puzzles permit your brain to take part in a circumstance that requires a lot of thought, fixation, and tolerance. It is regularly said that keeping your psyche dynamic permits you to feel and be more dynamic. Keeping your psyche dynamic additionally permits you to diminish feelings of anxiety and decreases weariness.

Improved skills

One of the advantages of block puzzle games for grown-ups is improving abilities. When working out a puzzle, regardless of whether that be a crossword or a Sudoku, logical thinking should be applied. In this way, not exclusively are these puzzles made to be fun and give amusement, yet additionally motivates instruction.


There is a colossal connection between puzzles and meditation procedures. As referenced, a puzzle animates the brain and permits the psyche to remain dynamic and sound. Nonetheless, what puzzles likewise do is permit us to relax the brain cells for better solutions. This places our brain in such a daze – simply like reflection. This will permit you to decrease your feelings of anxiety, increment profitability, and at last, develop self-assurance.

Improved intelligence

One of the most significant advantages of puzzle settling for grown-ups is that it assists with improving IQ scores. Puzzles are an incredible path for people. It likewise permits them to improve general information, psychological aptitudes, memory, focus, and critical thinking.

Increased productivity

Another advantage of the best block puzzle game is expanded efficiency. It is said that making sense of the responses to fun puzzles assists with expanding efficiency levels. Playing around is an incredible method to improve vital abilities, which all assist in improving profitability.

Improved concentration

Another advantage of puzzle settling is concentration. It is an extraordinary aptitude to enhance, as it is the expertise required for regular daily existence. Puzzles regularly expect you to think scientifically, and subsequently require a lot of consideration and persistence to arrive at some resolution. It is a fixation that permits you to start an issue and have the option to complete it.

Improved cognitive abilities

Puzzles are phenomenal for improving visual execution. Youngsters can improve their psychological capacity through acknowledgment of shapes, hues, and essential examples. For grown-ups, intellectual capacity goes past the nuts and bolts of acknowledgment of examples and takes into account further developed thinking.

How to play the Hexa brick puzzle game

Hexa block pop puzzle game is the best puzzle game of the year 2020. This dissection puzzle game is very easy and interesting to play. One can enjoy every bit of playing this game. Let us cover some very simple steps of playing this game:

  • You can download the game from here, and it will automatically get installed in your system after downloading it.
  • You will see hexa blocks on the screen that you can drag to place them in a board puzzle, which has the same shape as of the blocks.
  • The board frame is used for fixing all the hexa blocks, which will be fitted in the frame.
  • Hexa blocks in the game are not rotatable.
  • For going to the next level, you must have to collect block pieces.
  • There are also blockades in the game, and you must be careful of them.
  • When the board gets full, the game will be over.
  • There is not any time limit.
  • In a challenging block puzzle, the free shape puzzle is a hint for helping you.
  • You can solve the honeycomb puzzle and challenge your friends for the game.
  • The challenging level of the honeycomb puzzle is from beginner to advance, so you can enjoy different stages of it.

Features of free block puzzle game

Following is a list of features of shape brick puzzle game:

  • The game is very easy to play, and it has easy to use on-screen controls that let the user enjoy every bit of it.
  • The graphic animations of the game are too good to handle, and the same is for the sound effects of the game.
  • There are hundreds of challenging board puzzles that are enough to entertain a person.
  • It has a very simple interface and safe to play for all ages.
  • This puzzle game is a perfect deal for brainstorming that let you have fun.
  • There are free puzzle hints that help users in tricky levels.
  • You can play the game without the internet.
  • The game is 100% free.

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