Banner Stands vs Pop Up Stands – Which Is The Best Option?

Are you in the process of sourcing the display advertising solution? There are different types of display advertising options. Before selecting your display advertising solution, you should know which is the right solution. If you do not have the required experience or exposure, the options available could be highly confusing. Let us look at the two major display advertising options in this article namely banner stands and pop up stands. 

Which is the best display advertising option, banner stands, or pop up stands? You cannot make a random selection but you are required to take your specific requirements into account. Only when you make need based selection you will be able to enjoy the fullest benefits of the display advertising solution that you select. Even if whatever display solution you select is of the best quality, if it is not selected taking your specific requirements into account, you are not likely to benefit fully. 

Pop up stands could be used against the wall as a backdrop. They are ideal for use as backdrop in exhibition stalls or as backdrop in your office reception area. Pop up stands should be selected when you need a large sized display advertising solution. Today we have lightweight portable pop up stands that could be carried in a transit case. There are different versions of pop up stands. You will find curved pop up stand and also straight pop up stand. The collapsible stand can be easily installed in just minutes. These pop up stands are also ideal if you want to put up temporary stalls in the malls to increase brand visibility and enquiries. 

The banner stands on the other hand should be opted when you have smaller size display advertising solutions. You will be able to use these banner stands in conjunction with the pop up stands in the exhibition stalls or as standalone banners depending on where it is being deployed. In the exhibition stalls, banner stands could be placed at the entrance of your stall to get the attention of those walking past your stall. They could also be used as storefront displays at the entrance of your office, store or even in the lobby area. These are also of portable type and can be installed in less than a 60 seconds wherever you need them. They could be used for indoor purposes and outdoor purposes however, they may not be suitable if the outdoor placement area is very windy. 

If you are still in doubt or if you should not be sure, which display advertising solution would be the best for your needs then you could get in touch with one of the best display advertising manufacturer in the UK to explain the nature of your requirements and they would recommend the best fitting options for your needs. Look for the most reliable company to order your banner stands or pop up displays and place the order right away so that you get your banners delivered on time.