Augmented reality management games can be the new big thing!

Magnifique pasta or superbe pizza! This can be a real food fest on the streets of France. But here’s a catch: the event is real, the people participating are real but the food is pixelated! To pull out a bigger picture here, think of those virtual reality games or those gaming simulators. We are partially fighting the monster at times and on the other hand, practically burning calories by pseudo climbing the mountain top. Here’s what could happen if jeux de restaurant infuse augmented reality.

  1. Management:
    We all know how a management game works. If taken as an example of jeu de cuisine, the game user has to manage their restaurant, ingredients, and their own business. To take the customer orders and to make sure you get them right is a tedious job. The general management trouble that comes here is piling up orders. Quality becomes a crucial factor when the quantity is maximized. If such games had AR technology-infused, we practically can imagine a game user running the hotel errands. A pseudo act of squeezing the sauce or maybe the act of sliding down the dish on the conveyor belt can be a bonus too!
  2. Customer Satisfaction:
    This can involve real users and pixelated users. If it is one player game, you can have your coded customers satisfied. An idea about multiplayer mode would be other users involved as customers. On selecting a competitive mode you also can have your friends compete with you in cooking battles! With AR involved, you might practically feel how a restaurant business works. Maybe sweat a tear or tow dealing with a taxing customer. A simple cooking game can instantly brush the basics of business nonchalantly!
  3. Maintenance expense:
    Imagine being served coffee in a broken mug. You sure are to rate the café a very bad experience. Maintenance expense is something that many people tend to dodge. Be it a game or even in real life, many folks consider maintenance as a petty expense. An oiled machine is to create more productivity. Imagine the same scenario but in only AR sense. No, you don’t have to imagine yourself oiling the machines. You just need to get the service done and watch your convertor roaring smoothly.
  4. Decor:

The decor is an aspect where you simply can’t turn a blind eye. Imagine a cafeteria with a complete opposite of a comfortable atmosphere. The ambience set with the cafe is clashing and dismal. Hence decor becomes a very crucial aspect to consider. Here’s the fun part. Since decor will completely be your baby in your jeu de café,  you can practically design your game and literally be in your physical cafe!

Lastly, if someday augmented reality becomes a part of management games, it could be a drastic revamp to the gaming world.