Are You Looking For A Flight Simulator? Download PC Games

Flight simulator games are a broad topic; that’s why it might be a struggle to pick the best. There are different aspects of aviation covered in flight simulation. You could either go for an ATC simulation game or a pilot simulation game. To help you decide the best flight simulator that suits your preference. We’ve put together a shortlist of the best flight simulator games you can enjoy on your PC. Whether you’re looking to soar the sky or run an airport, we’ve got you covered.

Tower!3D Pro

One flight simulation game you would thoroughly enjoy playing on your PC is the Tower!3D Pro game. It is an ATC simulation game that is very realistic and provides players with a memorable gaming experience. The reason Tower!3D Pro stands out amongst others is because it utilizes photorealistic 3D objects, airports, and control towers. You get to become an air traffic controller in this game and direct planes taking off and landing. Unlike other flight simulators, Tower!3D Pro will stir gamer’s interest in aviation and is a unique way of learning air traffic control. The features it comes with, like voice commence, speed increase, and many more, make the game exciting. For young aviators, this ATC simulation game is a great way to get acquainted with flight concepts and go beyond theoretical concepts.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

This simulator is not an ATC flight simulation game but another flight simulation game to consider. It allows you to fly whatever plane you want to anywhere you want in the world. Just like Tower!3D Pro, there is a vast array of locations to choose from. The interface is also designed realistically to enjoy the game like you would if you were really inside the game. It comes with features like actual weather conditions, flight paths, and many more. It uses Bing Map to give you a realistic idea of what places look like; there’s so much to discover once you take your seat as the pilot.

X-Plane 11

If you’re looking for another flight simulator game for your PC, then you should also check out X-Plane 11. This flight simulator game has been around for a while and features thousands of airports to choose from. These airports are detailed down to hangers, fuel trucks, pushback tugs, and many more. You even get access to weather modeling and potential system failures. This PC Flight simulation game offers you the chance to explore the world from various aircraft and thousands of airports. This flight simulation isn’t just about the fun; there’s also a learning curve to enjoy.

With the Pandemic, global travel has significantly slowed down. This situation doesn’t mean you have to give up your love for aviation. There is a way to still enjoy your favorite aviation roles from the comfort of your home, and that is with flight simulation games. Looking for an ATC simulator game? Take control of your favorite airport from true-to-life towers and navigate airplanes as they take off and land on the runways.