Architecture of Motion Controls

Motion Control, where automation is a subfield of automation, involves the various positioning systems that are found to control the moving parts of a machine. The motion control industry according to recent predictions is expected to experience an unprecedented increase in value in the years to come. The stepper motor is one of the most popular drive technology systems while the hexapods, gantry and gantry systems are products of motion systems.

While this industry is experiencing an increase, most people are in the dark about the components that make up this system. The various components include for example;

  1. Motion controller; the main duty of a motion controller is to generate set points which are otherwise referred to as motion profile and desired output. They also help to close the position or the feedback loop as they control the linear stage, rotation stage or any other motion control part,
  2. Digital amplifier; the main duty of this component, which is connected to a motion controller, is to transform the control signal to energy right from the motion controller down to the actuator. A number of intelligent drives are capable of closing the velocity loop and position internally, thus, promoting a much more accurate, precise, and convenient control.
  3. The loop system; there is actually two types of loop systems, and they are; the closed loop and the open loop. The closed loop as the name implies happen when one or two of the feedback sensors return the position of the prime mover or actuator down to the motion controller. This is done to close the velocity control loop or position. The open loop, on the other hand, occurs when a command is sent by the controller via the amplifier down to the actuator without knowing of the desired motion was achieved.
  4. The actuator; this is also referred to as one of the prime mover and drive technology, and example is a linear actuator used in example hydraulic pump or pneumatic cylinder in comparison to another drive technology which for example is the brushless electric motor which is otherwise referred to as “BLDC.”

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