An ultimate guide to mobile app development: Native vs. Hybrid

Much technology encroachment has been coming up especially in the last 3 years. Do these make our life easier or even more difficult? 

Mobiles have become amongst the daily stable of our lives. Therefore the production of any mobile product needs to be decided on the basis of an end-user. That is why every application has a beta version which enables the programmers to test in the real world and they get to know about the glitches. Certain aspects should be kept in mind in the mobile app development process including the speed on which your app needs to work, the quality of user experience, the complexity or the amount of RAM you want your app to consume. 

Amongst all the types of mobile app development, the top two are very similar and yet very different from each other: Native and Hybrid. Each type has its own profits and losses.


The distinguishing elements that make a Native mobile app different from a Hybrid mobile app are numerous. First and foremost is that since Hybrid mobile app doesn’t require special coding language, it becomes less expensive and more cost-effective maintenance. Whereas when it comes to Native mobile app, the UI is very high maintenance as the language, APIs and the development process is different. As Native mobile app is so expensive, it ensures best UI as each of them is specifically designed for its unique app store.


  • Coding


Many people don’t realize that Native app is not the most reliable app for mobile development. With a Native app, the company will have to bring the most expensive coders as heavy coding skills are a major requirement. Different apps of the native app require a specific programming language for each type of Operating System (OS). The main advantage of any Hybrid app is that it was made compiling all the benefits from the Native app program. This particular app doesn’t require a very huge amount of coding knowledge. The Hybrid app can be encoded using HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript, all bow tied in a native container. 


  • Cost


Every app cannot be absolutely free and similarly, every app cannot have a high cost. As the Native app enables us to have the best UI, it is generally a paid app. But when it comes to Hybrid mobile apps, most of the apps are free.


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