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These days, people have got a keen penchant for the gaming scenario. This is the reason that most avid players purchase a good and solid mother board. They take a lot of trouble in seeking out the best kind of mother board which has all kinds of suitable factors for playing games. Now, before purchasing the best kind of mother board, you must know about the various formats, applications and sizes. The two most suitable kinds of mother boards are presented by Intel that is Atx vs the micro Atx. Take a look at both the different kinds of mother boards to understand which one is the most appropriate for the individual use.

More details

There are many factors to be considered when you think of Atx vs the micro atx.  When the size is being considered, the Atx motherboard is the bigger one than its micro counterpart.  In some formats of the Atx, the motherboard comes in an even huger size. The micro Atx motherboard size can be small but it can function in more compact spaces.

When it comes to slots for the enthusiastic gamers, there is nothing to be compared in Atx vs the micro atx.  The atx motherboard has multiple slots for adding PC extensions which gives it a fine edge over the micro atx. On the other hand, the micro atx model has only four slots which can be a serious disadvantage for an avid gamer in case of additional features. Thus, these are some of the major comparisons of the atx vs the micro atx.

Conclusive summary

When it comes to price, the Atx version is a costlier   one because of the facilities offered on the larger motherboard as compared to the micro version. There are more detailed upgraded technological features on the Atx version than its micro model When it comes to price, the micro version is much easily accessible. The Atx edition is more workstation based than being suitable for the gaming zones. The smaller model is more suitable for meeting the gaming needs at a more reasonable price. These are some of the tips and tricks which you would do well to consider. The price is not just the consideration except that along with it, the individual needs and requirements also have to be taken into account. Thus, purchase the mother board after considering all these factors.