A Glimpse of Condensers and How It Works

Condensers play a significant role in power stations, chemical process plants and other similar industries. It is more like a heat exchanger you found on your car or refrigerator and works under the same principles. But it is quite complex as well as effectual than those. The key function of condensers is to transfer the superheated and super pressurized vapor from the turbine of the plant to liquid. In other words, it turns vapors or gas to liquid. The liquid obtained from the condenser can be employed later on various purposes. Explore this article to develop your insights of condensers, its function and the types it has etc.


The surface condensers are an essential part of power stations which is employed to cool down the steam exhaust from each turbine. It takes the form of shell and tube heat exchangers. The cooling pipes of condensers are occupied with cool water and it is covered throughout the shell body where the highly pressurized and superheated vapor enter. The cold water in the shell body reduces heat from steam and reduces overall temperature. When the steam exits from the condenser, it is cooled down entirely and procures liquid form. Then the cooled vapor i.e. is cooled at the bottom of the pan known as “hotwell” and employed in other applications.

Condensor Types are classified into three such as the water-cooled condenser, air-cooled condenser and evaporator condenser. Each one is ideal for various conditions. If you are up to procure condenser, understand your needs and rely on the one which suits you the most. Cost of procuring it, maintaining it is also a significant thing to look after.

Maintenance of Condensers

The maintenance of condensers is a prominent thing to keep your eye on. When the condensers are employed continuously, a build-up of fouling will occur. Other hitches such as corrosion and pitting also occur. It is better to check the condensers regularly after a while of employing it continuously. When it comes to maintaining the effective heat exchange and preserve its efficacies high, it has to inspected regularly. Spotting the accumulation of hitches in the earlier stage and rooting it out would save a lump sum. When you left the hitch unnoticed or failed to take any precautions against it in its earlier stage, it will worsen the hitch in the forthcoming days. When the hitch gets worse, it will consume a huge cost.

When the efficacies of the condensers get decreased or unexpected downtime occurs, it will offer loss of revenue. Regulations for employing this equipment must be followed while importing it on your industries. Ensuring safe operation and necessary risk management is a prominent thing to keep your eye on. Follow it to avoid accidents in the future. One of the best ways to avoid accidents in condensers is to examine it regularly. Appoint someone to follow this work as it is inevitable.

Hope this article has developed your ideas about condensers.