A Detailed Guide on Web Browser History App

Modern technology developments have taken the globe quite far in a short span. A rapid increase in the internet and smartphone usage has made it viable for many individuals to devote many hours in front of the screens. They can watch their favorite movies, play games, do shopping, browse the net to find valuable information, and much more.

With heaps of information accessible on the web, it is not easy for parents to know what their offspring are exposed to. Kids are highly reliant on innovative technology because it helps them stay connected with the world with just a single click. Today, they own separate laptops, mobiles, or PCs.

On the internet, they can not only watch entertaining and informative content but unsuitable stuff as well. Therefore, it is crucial to spy on their web browsing history to confirm they don’t view pornography and adult movies.

In the corporate industry, it is a common trend to provide digital devices to staff members for office-related tasks. When bosses are not around, they waste time on social networking sites and other fruitless activities instead of focusing on their duties. This action can have a disastrous impact on your company’s performance and lead it to a monetary loss.

The internet is a perilous place, so it is necessary to track the browsing history of your beloveds and workers at every cost. If they are engaged in wrongdoings, you will be able to intervene instantly and make them answerable for their deeds.

To supervise their browser history discreetly from a remote locality, you can use Ogymogy monitoring tool. It enables you to monitor the browsing history of your desired phone or computer with the exact date and time schedules.

How Does The App Operate?

If you have decided to spy on your loved ones and employees’ web activities, then initially, you will have to get the spyware. After choosing the right app according to your needs, subscribe for it, download it, and deploy it on the device you want to monitor secretly.

Then, access your online portal by using your email address and passcode and activate the tracking app. After that, visit the features and turn on “browsing history tracker”. Once you activate it, detailed browsing history reports will be sent to you on your control panel.

With its assistance, you can get information about what kind of websites they visit the most, which pages they have bookmarked, and many other things. The end-user can view the history of these browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

How to Deploy It on The Targeted Device?

First of all, choose a system on which you want to install the spyware and obtain physical ingress to it. Remember that it is mandatory to gain physical access to the smartphone or any other digital device otherwise; you won’t be able to take advantage of the software.

Now, install and activate it to get detailed information about your targeted person’s browsing history. The exciting thing about the tracker is that it operates in a stealth mode, so the monitored person won’t be able to catch you.

Is It Necessary To Spy On Kids’ And Employees’ Browsing History?

The internet is loaded with a vast repository of suitable and unsuitable content. While surfing the web, undeveloped kids have access to both types of stuff. In your absence, they can effortlessly watch porn and adult movies that they should not watch at any cost.

To keep a check on what type of websites they explore every day, you should rely on the monitoring app. It helps you to protect them from unsuitable content and make them a successful human being. To perform your responsibilities in a proficient manner, you can set parental control on their acts on the internet. It lets you restrict and block certain sites, so they won’t be able to access them.

As an entrepreneur, if you have provided smartphones or computers to your team members, you should monitor their activities. They can misuse the devices to communicate with their families and romantic partners or waste time on gambling or pornography sites. To prevent them from wasting time, inform them that you have installed browsing history app on company-owned devices.


Spy tools have made it uncomplicated for parents and managers to supervise their children’s and staffs’ browser actions secretly and remotely.

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