9 Tips for Finding the Right Phone

When shopping around for a smartphone, you need to follow some tips to get the right phone for you. First, choose an operating system and then prioritise your feature and price considerations to find the right model. You also need to know the phone’s screen size, camera, processor, and price before you buy. To learn how to make an informed decision when purchasing a smartphone and be sure to take into consideration the other software you’re currently using. This article tells you which vector will provide the best service for your phone. Use this advice to make sure you get the best mobile phone deals and also get the best handset for your needs and budget.

Android gives you more choice

If you’re confused between iOS and Android, go for an android because it is easy to use and gets both the hottest apps first and the timeliest software updates. Most of the android company’s phone is based on a smart OS, which is updatable. Android is better if you need more hardware choices and more affordable options. Android can update even every day, and it is suitable for anyone.

Don’t spend more than you need to for a phone

You have to plan how much you want to spend before choosing a phone for yourself. While the iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 and select Android phones start at around $700-$750 and cost upward of $1,000, there are great cheap unlocked-phone options below $500 and there are even some solid choices for getting them at less than $300. So you do not need to pay more than that for a smartphone.

Get the Best Size Screen

You will buy a less than 5 inches smartphone if one-hand use is essential to you or if you have smaller hands. If you choose bigger than 5.5 inches phones it will be difficult for you to use it comfortably. You should get a large screen phone if you like to watch a lot of Games Mp3 videos or play games on your smartphone. However,  phone-makers are now making big-screen phones such as the 5.9-inch Galaxy S8, that fit comfortably in one hand thanks to larger 18:9 aspect ratios.

Display, Color Quality, and Brightness

A 4K screen on the phone is beautiful to be available but kind of overkill to the battery too. Pay more consideration to how bright the display is so it will be easy to see the phones screen outdoors. Also, pay special attention to how colorful the panel is because the panels give you better performance than LCD in this concern.  The very update phones offer high dynamic range (HDR) for displaying even more colors.


Picture quality is essential, and every low budget phones try to focus on their camera resolution. In addition to battery backup, the camera has become one of the major smartphone features. You need to give attention to specs such as aperture (lower numbers are better) and special features such as dual lenses and optical image stabilization and Ignore the megapixels while considering a smartphone’s camera.

Right Focus On Processor

Even mid range phones now offer the best performance for users. But if you require the more power for games, youtube, facebook, and other social media at the same time, buy an Android phone with a powerful processor like Snapdragon 850 processor.  Those are super fast mobile chip yet. If you are going for an iPhone, you should know that the A11 Bionic processor is used in the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Pay Attention to a Charging Backup

You should not rectify for a smartphone that lasts less than 10 hours on a charge. Charging backup is one of the crucial factors for a user. Besides, low budget phones in the market can also provide enough service on loading back up. So you should pay attention to phone battery mAh before buying the phone.

Get at Least 32GB Of Storage

Phones with 8/16GB storage capacity might be cheap but in reality it is not enough for you to store most of you files and photos. You should choose a minimum of 32GB phone. 128 GB is the new pattern for flagship phones.  A microSD card gives you extra storage, and it is nice to have for increasing storage. However, it is only available on certain Android phones.

Display Quality

The measurement of the screen is only one point. Pay close consideration to a smartphone’s brightness, color quality, and viewing angles. Nowadays, WVGA is the lowest display quality, and super HD are the best to display variety.

Before buying your phone, you need to research based on those tips since you don’t want to pay more for getting a quality phone. Create a graph on your mind, examine it, and then buy the phone which is most suited for you.