6 valid reasons for WordPress to emerge as the go-to platform for the web community

As per a survey conducted by W3Techs, a web technology research firm, WordPress is used by 30% of website owners world over. Speaking about the adaptability of the web platform, the research claims that every year, the number of WordPress users grows by 2.5% year-on-year. One of the major reasons for this staggering number is the open source version that has allowed web developers to deploy WordPress quickly. Its free version enables web professionals to accelerate time-to-go online. In addition to this, WordPress hosting as a service has also garnered trust because of several factors such as solid backup security, the speed of service, tech support etc. In a bid to choose the best WordPress hosting, it becomes imperative to lay focus on what has made WordPress a preferred choice for consumption among web professionals. This article will lay emphasis on those seven factors that will tell you why.

Simplified user management
WordPress is developed on a platform that uses sophisticated programming languages such as PHP, SQL and JavaScript. Yet, in order to use WordPress, it is not necessary that you know all these languages. This is because you can manually install WordPress from WordPress.org to avail a WordPress website for yourself. Once you get a WordPress website for yourself, you don’t need to worry about software and security updates since they are automatic. With respect to user capabilities, WordPress allows more than one user to handle the CMS. So, if you want to handle editing or publishing responsibilities to a team member, this can be done easily. Moreover, since WordPress is a user-friendly interface, the time taken to adapt to the CMS is also less. All these factors are responsible for making WordPress simple to use.

Excellent for SEO
WordPress has enabled its users with the advantage to move up in Google’s SERP ( search engine results page). As a platform, WordPress has allowed users to take care of important elements such as HTML markup, Permalinks, Headings and Title tags, Optimized images and content curation. With respect to HTML markup, WordPress creates easy-to-understand pages in HTML which can be deciphered by search engines. As far as permalinks are concerned, WordPress has been developed with a natural ability to read posts and pages containing keywords for search engines to pick them up. This allows users to control the content within the link. Title tags and headings help Google abstract the information on the web page whereas, with images, WordPress allows you to optimize the same further with ALT tags as well as descriptions.

Easy to use CMS
In a bid to make content publishing much easier, WordPress has empowered users with amazing capabilities. As a platform, it is not only simple in terms of functionality but also has a plethora of options to enhance content curation. Allow us to explain how. Firstly, it has provided users with a side by side visual-to-text dashboard in order to toggle between written versions. Once users are done writing content, they can click on the preview button to get a glimpse of the same. Moreover, the content written gets auto-saved in the CMS. So, in case there is a power failure, the user can resume writing content from the last saved instance. Further, as you create and generate more content, WordPress helps you streamline and enhance the quality of the content. This can help you create a better workflow for the content of your website. Moreover, with plugins like Editflow, you can also scale and enhance your content production.

Flexibility and fluidity of design
Whenever you are using a dashboard, your least expectation is that its design should be simple enough to help you navigate without any hassles. However, WordPress has exceeded those expectations. If you buy a premium or even a free account, the dashboard’s design elements are consistent and do not switch layers or colours like most CMSes do. Even if you add sophisticated add-ons or integrations. Speaking about integrations, WordPress allows you to insert user-beneficial plugins like WooCommerce to help you monetize. Also, let us not forget the parallax design that makes navigation simpler through the CMS and the drag and drop feature which eases file and content uploads on the CMS. All of this is possible because WordPress’ design is easy and flexible. Now, as far as managing files is concerned, WordPress as a CMS does not require an FTP nor does it require an HTML editor to edit, delete, upload, download any files or videos through the website.

Splendid security support
What could be better than a robust security support that scans malware and automatically updates the system frequently? WordPress has a strong tech team that works towards making the platform a safe destination. Since they understand the importance of a secure platform, they have eased the process of integrated digital security certificates like SSL. Along with security updates, WordPress notifies its users of software updates which have the latest version of protection capabilities. Moreover, the integration of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
attack mitigator SiteLock and backup tool CodeGuard has made the platform secure than ever. So, if you ever think of buying the best WordPress hosting, ask your provider if he allows you to integrate SiteLock and/or CodeGuard to secure your WordPress website in the best way possible.

Innovative integrations
WordPress has left no stone unturned vis-a-vis its features. But they did not stop with features. WordPress extended this leverage through add-ons and integrations as well. One of the key integrations that have taken the web community by the storm is microinteractions. Microinteractions are minute interactive elements that are used to enhance WordPress websites in totality. This element, mainly used as a tool to attract customers has turned out to be a differentiator for many WordPress website owners. In addition to this, VR (Virtual Reality) based themes have also been integrated quite frequently, thanks to WordPress’ evolving technology.

WordPress’ diversity and flexibility make it a preferred CMS for web professionals world over. With more and more people joining the WordPress community, we predict that the number will rise to 40% of users worldwide in the next couple of years. So, here is hoping that WordPress evolves further as it has been evolving and continues to surprise its customers and make things simpler and better.