6 Reasons to go for Professional Email Address

Are you planning for a website for the business? You will need to go for a professional email address as well. The reason is consistent branding. You will surely not like to use free URLs that contain the name of the service provider to avoid inconsistency. For the same reason, you will surely not want to use free email hosting providers either. Few reasons why you need one for your business:

1-Generic Emails Look Unprofessional

If you are planning to use free email addresses, then you need to be aware of the fact it doesn’t look good. Your sales team will not be confident when exchanging them with customers.

These don’t offer the value to your customers. They don’t have time to find out why you didn’t buy a custom email address when all the competitors are using it. It may be a reason why the business may be drifting away from you.

2-You Might Not Have To Pay Extra

When you purchase a domain name, the email hosting might come bundled with it. When you bought the domain name, you’ll have the ability to use the domain name for the email address.

It hardly takes anything to set-up the email account. If you don’t have a website manager, you will have to need online tutorials to set-up the mail account.

3-Standardize Email Addresses

When your business grows, you will think to standardize the email address. Once you have your custom email address, you can use the same format for all other email addresses. So you might use:

And you can extend these names to other users as well. In this way, you will a consistent naming system for your business. It is also easy for the customers as they can easily remember the company email addresses.

However, if you use free email service providers, you will have to at the mercy of the names available.

4-Works Even When Someone Leaves Your Company

The best thing about the custom email service is that it works best when someone leaves the company. If you have been using personal email addresses, you will surely not be able to access them once the person moves away.

But if you have a custom email account, you can redirect the email to the new person. Or you can also create a generic email account as well. In this way, a new person can take charge of the account instantly.

5-Branded Email Helps in Marketing

You might have seen someone else’s email address on the business card and then searched the website to find out more. But if you are using a free email service provider, it would not happen. 

When you are using your domain in the website, you will get the brand in front of more eyeballs. Thus, in every place you have the branded email; you have one more opportunity to get new business.

6-Create Many Email Accounts 

Even if you are the only one running the company, you can create different email accounts for various purposes: sales, customer service, orders etc.

It creates the impression that your company is more significant. You will have the freedom to fill the roles as and when you want.


 You can easily choose the email hosting providers after looking at the service they provide.