5 Tips To Be Confident Vlogging In Public

In the vlogging job, surely you will have to vlog in public. Taking alone in front of the camera is embarrassing, not mention to being in the middle of people.

You are not alone; all vloggers feel the same when they vlog in public for the first time. Don’t worry; I have five useful tips for you to overcome the fear and be confident:

1. People don’t care:

This tip is for your mindset. Because once your mindset changes, everything will change along with it. When you walk in a public place with a camera in your hand; and feel like thousands of pairs of eyes are staring at you. I know that feeling, it’s not comfortable.

But here’s the fact: that is what you think in your mind. Another fact is that people don’t care you. If you really see some persons look straight at you, they do that due to curiosity and stop it right after. They are busy with their works.

You can examine by yourself by watching other Youtubers filming in public; people actually don’t care them, don’t staring at them as you imagine. Nowadays, vlogging in public has become more common, and people get used to it, they are interested in you no more.

Even if people do care you, observe you; what side do you choose, between people watch you in public and people watch you on Youtube? Obviously your viewers, they help you to make money. Be bold, and just do it.

2. Keep it short

When vlogging in public for the very first times, you may run out of what to say. Also, vlogging in public may distract you by surrounding people or activities, and you have to be aware of yourself on the street.

So I recommend you to prepare a vlogging script, you will know what you are about to say and say naturally. If you don’t have a script, think what to say in your head first but keep them as a few short sentences and turn on the camera, turn thinking to saying. I can make sure that it will be natural and you won’t miss what you want to say. o

When you keep it short, you know that your awkward moment will end soon. Those small tasks are perfect to start first and when you learn how to shoot in public later, you are free to do as your will regardless of short or long vlog

3. Bring friends along

It’s a great idea to get support from your friend or family member or anyone close to you. When you know you’re not alone, your self-confidence is leveled up immediately and automatically. Fellowship always makes thing done easier and simpler.

Ask your friend who is not afraid of appearing on your video. They not only support you by being with you; they may throw some interesting ideas to your vlog. If you guys have a excellent interact, it will create a great effect on viewers. They will love it and remember you more.

If you have a friend who is also a Youtuber, there’s no better way to invite her or him to go out with you and show up on your vlog. Both of you can upload the same video, but two different flow of money and your viewers become hers and vice versa. Such wonderful cooperation!

4. Start vlogging from home

A famous vlogger on Youtube recommends this tip. He learned it from his own experience. He said, “Believe me. It’s always been easier to continue vlogging after you’ve already started at home more than start a brand new in public.”

You can record the scene how you prepare, introduce the purpose of going out and what you expect and much more. First, it gives you comfort to vlog for it’s your home, and a good start lead to a good process. It’s like a flow.

In the opposite, if you start to film yourself in a public place, you’re probably affected by many factors. It’s not guaranteed to be done correctly as at home.

5. Voice over the footage in editing

You absolutely know this way of making a video on Youtube. First, it gives the video a clearer voice; second, it keeps the video’s content match with your idea. I think you can do the same thing to your first vlogs in public if you’re too shy and can’t give smooth speeches.

When you go out for vlogging, to public places like the zoo or amusement park, you only need to focus on filming what you want to introduce to viewers. You don’t have to prepare what to say at that moment but later at home. You can be free from the feeling of being uncomfortable.

Though it takes time to voice over, meaning you work harder, it’s a perfect solution while waiting for the skill of vlogging in public trained.

In conclusion,

Vlogging in public is hard work. Keep in mind that people don’t have time to care you. Apply these tips, and you will realize how helpful they are. As long as you keep vlogging in public, I believe you will overcome the fear and master everything.