5 Tips Taking Care Of Your 18650 Batteries

Today, 18650 batteries are everywhere. Like other devices, battery18650’s operating time is not forever.

The time will come when the battery will not work anymore, but the operating life is long or short, depending on how you use it.

 In this article, we bring you the five useful tips to take care of your batteries.

1. Remember: the battery produced is for use, so use them regularly

Like a fat man who needs regular exercise, the 18650 battery also needs to work. The chemicals in the 18650 battery will work very well if the battery is charged and discharged regularly.

So, if you use a laptop, it is good to not plug in the power continuously. Please use the battery to about 40-50% remaining capacity and recharge the battery to continue using.

The life of the 18650 battery is assessed through charge cycles. Most of the 18650 batteries produced are required to have at least 300-500 charge cycles.

But if the battery is produced and well preserved, it can increase the life up to 80% compared to the original life cycle even when it has reached 300 charge cycles.

2. Let check the battery periodically

Nearly all batteries have a measure of the remaining battery capacity (just like the icon you see on your computer).

So, you should periodically discharge the battery to zero. To do this, you simply need to let your device use the battery until it has a low-battery notification and intends to stop working. Note: Do not let the device fall into Deep Discharge state.

Over time, there will be differences between information about the battery capacity provided by the IC and the capacity that the battery actually provides.

So, your advice is to let your device use the battery to zero monthly so that it can get the right information with the IC on the battery.

3. Avoid putting 18650 batteries in high temperature places

Heat can cause chemicals in the 18650 battery to function excessively, shortening battery life.

In fact, according to the study, the biggest cause of fast expiration is the high temperature. Especially when the device is plugged in when using.

If used for a flashlight, do not turn on the light at the highest light intensity for more than 15 minutes continuously.

Because high-power flashlight bulbs will cause heat to the body of the flashlight, affecting battery life. If used intermittently, it will be better for the battery.

And if you want to use 18650 battery for a long time, please remove the battery and keep in cool places. But remember, don’t leave them in too cold places because the cold will also badly affect battery life!

4. You should charge the battery occasionally

Fully charged Li-Ion 18650 battery, although not in use, can be fully discharged after six or seven months.

Therefore, during storage, you should occasionally charge it fully (every three or four months) if you want it always to be available.

You can make notes on your desktop calendar or set the alarm to remind you of this issue. Believe me, this is an effective way. Maybe you won’t remember charging a 18650 battery after three months of not touching it.

5. Do not charge the battery over 4.2v

The battery voltage is within 2v when the battery runs out, to 4.2v when it is fully charged. Do not charge the battery over 4.2v and discharge the battery to under 2v as it may reduce the battery life.

If used for a backup battery pack, it is recommended to select the higher capacity type as possible. There is no need to care about discharge (charging current is usually only a few Ah). High battery capacity will help the battery charge more times for the device (with the same amount of battery).

To sum up

How you use the 18650 battery will greatly affect its life. Use and care for batteries properly, so you can use them longer and save you money.

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