5 Tips For Creating A WordPress Design Site

So you need a website and you can’t spend the hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a website designer. Or maybe you want to do it yourself in the simplest way possible. Thanks to WordPress, nearly anyone can build and maintain a website without a huge monetary investment or lots of training.

Your site can also be fully functional within a few hours. If you do choose to hire a WordPress Web Designer, you can maintain the site on your own, even if you’re not very tech-savvy.

Choose a The Perfect Color Scheme and Logo

This can make or break the success of your website. The type of website or company you have should determine which type of color scheme you should use. You should also avoid using more than 2 or 3 colors as more are unappealing to the eye. When someone looks at your logo or colors they should instantly think of your company. And brand recognition is just one of the benefits of picking the right color palette for your site.

Pick A Font Which Best Suits Your Site

The next thing people notice upon visiting a website is your font. You actually don’t want people to notice your font, it should mesh well with your website and message. A good should stand out without being a distraction. It’s nice to have a pretty font, but an auto parts website should have a different font than an online fashion store. However, it’s not difficult to find the best fonts for your website.

Compile Your Media Files

When you’re just starting out, opt for free stock photos. This also applies to gifs, videos, and music. You need a vivid website and this can be accomplished for free. While it’s smart to hire a photographer or purchase professional photos, you can’t sit around browsing potential photographers with a blank website because you refuse to use free photos. Using free media allows you to focus on other areas that need a lot of time to be devoted to them. You can always get better photos and you should. WordPress makes it easy for you to change your website even if someone else builds it for you. Be sure to add alt tags to your files so search engines will know what the photo contains.

Install The Right Plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins and many of them are free with premium upgrades. Avoid paying for the premium version until you absolutely know this is the only way to solve your issues. Only use plugins with a great reputation and positive ratings. Lastly, while you may have the urge to install every plugin you heard about on that recent blog post or YouTube video, too many plugins can slow down your page speed. This will inevitably lead to a high bounce rate. Start with the basic must-have plugins and expand with a few extra ones.

Monitor Your Traffic

It’s hard to make adjustments if you’re not monitoring your traffics, traffic sources and visitor behavior. If you notice the average session is long, but the conversion rate is low, you’ll also be prepared to make adjustments. That’s one of many metrics you can filter and observe to optimize your website. There are a plethora of WordPress Plugins that integrate with Google Analytics which can help you retain returning customers as well as acquire new ones.


There are many reasons why WordPress is great and these tips can help get started on the right path. You don’t have to be a professional WordPress Web Designer to create a beautiful site that converts at a high rate. But if you are, you still make a highly customized website with ease.