5 Steps To Deal With Electrical Cord Sparks


Have you accidentally spilled liquid on a plugged in appliance or recently seen sparks fly from an outlet? When unplugging or plugging-in or turning on an appliance, it’s crucial that you know the appropriate steps to take to avoid electrocution or a potential house fire. If you have seen sparks from a particular electrical wire, you must address the problem with swift and smart care.

  1. Shut Off The Circuit Breaker Box

Before you unplug the appliance, locate where the breaker box is supplying the electricity to that particular outlet and room and turn it off as fast as possible. Once the power to the hazardous area has been shut off, it’s now safe to unplug the appliance from the wall.

  1. Inspect The Outlet

What you’re looking for on the outlet is for signs of burning or scorched marks. If you find dark streaks, the safest thing to do is call an electrician for further inspection.

  1. Check The Plug

Make sure the appliance’s plug is neither bent nor burnt. The prongs should stay intact and not feel loose at all. If the grounding prong is broken off, then it’s no longer safe to use and will need to be replaced.

  1. Examine The Cord

Look for teeth marks from a chewing puppy or a teething toddler. If you have electrical cords that are laying in arms reach of babies and pets, then the best thing to do is invest in a set of cable ties made out of hook and loop fasteners. Cable wraps will help keep your wires organized, off the floor, and away from curious pets and children.

  1. Replace Damaged Plugs

Even if you don’t find any scorch marks, if the plug sparked once, then it will most likely spark again. The ultimate solution is to replace the appliance or try to replace the cord. If the machine has a warranty, then take it back to where you bought it to get the cable and plug replaced by a certified repairman or electrician.

Remember These Cable Management Fire Tips

Stay safe and consider taking all your old and antique appliances into a specialized repair shop to upgrade all your plugs and wires so that you will be doing all you can to avoid an electrical house fire. For cable management tools, ask your hardware store where they keep their fire retardant Velcro cable wrap fasteners so that your electrical equipment is organized out of the way and less of an electrical fire hazard.