5 Reasons Why Your Search Ranking Might Drop

Every business aims to grow its customer base, increase sales, and make more profit. One of the ways that companies look up to actualize these dreams is the internet, where they expect to have massive traffic driven to their websites, offers, and blogs.

Google is unarguably a significant source of the traffic to any website. Therefore, ranking on the search engine results page (SERPs) is the real deal. If your site ranks high in the organic search results fueled by SEO, then you should have more traffic from searches that you can convert to leads.

However, if your website starts dropping off in SEO rankings, your business will lose traffic, sales, and revenue. When your search ranking drops, it is as a result of one or more of the reasons discussed below. And knowing the reasons for the drop in your search ranking king will help you in making an informed decision about fixing the issues and working on your SEO to climb the to the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) again.

Here are 5 reasons why your search ranking might drop:

1. Algorithm Changes

Google always seeks ways of improving users’ experience by upgrading the algorithm used for ranking websites. Whenever there are algorithm changes, some websites are usually affected, and they will drop in their search rankings. You need to incorporate social media marketing and other marketing channels to prevent your site from going into oblivion on the search engines anytime there are algorithm changes.

2. Changes in Google

Your site may experience a drop in search rankings not because you made changes in your SEO strategy or website, but because of specific changes or improvements made by Google mainly because of user behavior. For instance, Google recently released an update on October 24, 2019, called Google BERT update (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers). The purpose of this update is to interpret the intent of searches better for improved results targeted at providing users with accurate results. This update will undoubtedly cause some websites to drop in search rankings.

3. Removal of Links

If you audit your links (backlinks internal and external) and remove bad or broken links pointing to your website, you might accidentally remove good and active links, which will unavoidably cause your site to drop in search ranking. To avoid this ugly situation, use a good link research tool for auditing all links found on your website to remove only the bad ones.

4. Broken Redirect Links

Redirect links are crucial during a website redesign, migration to a new website server, and opening a new site. The redirect links help to notify the search engines that your site has moved to a new address. If you failed to update these links, your new website would be penalized for duplicate content and cause a drop in search ranking.

5. Page Loading Speed

Google algorithm bots favor websites rusty provides users with the best experience possible. This starts from how fast your web page loads, and if it takes a longer time than usual for your page to load, the chances are that visitors will navigate away from your site. Over time, this will hurt your