5 High Quality Cell Phones that are Water Proof Enough to keep you Tension Free

We all have faced many moments when our cell phones fell into water or the rain made them go dead for at least few days. The most hurting moments are when babies splash their food and drinks on the phone while watching cartoon and you can’t do anything about it. So the best solution involves buying a cell phone that will give you tension free use in all such situations. Don’t forget when we say water proof, it doesn’t mean that you can drop your cell phone in the water just for the sake of having fun and expect it to work perfectly after spending days in that pool. Although there is no perfectly water resistant mobile phone in market even not the ones that claim it to be, but we assure you that our list includes the best you can get. To get the best picks on reasonable prices, Saudis can use Amazon coupon offered at couponksa.com and enjoy a budget friendly purchase of different mobile phones. To find our suggestions, read below.

iPhone 11 Pro Max and Pro:

This both phones offer IP68 water protection that guarantees to bear the water for 30 minutes with the depth of 1.5-meter but these phones come with enhanced ability and can bear the 4-meter depth of water for the earlier said time. If you want a waterproof cell phone with best screen display, camera and suitable size, choose 11 pro.

iPhone 2020 SE2 IP67 4.7:

This cell phone can handle water of 1-meter depth for an hour. If you want a cell phone with water resistance and best camera, storage etc. while a compromise on large screen can be made then this is the best. It has 4.7 inches display and is best for someone looking a compact design with best features of iPhone and IP67.

One Plus 8 PRO with IP68:

This last year launched mobile has 6.78 inches’ screen and can handle wireless charging with the ability to stay fine under 1.5-meter water for 30 minutes. This phone also has beautiful display and amazing resolution. Any Saudi will be lucky to buy it using Amazon coupon available at couponksa.com which offers really huge discount.

P 30 Huawei Pro with IP68:

A quad camera phone with 30-minute resistance against 2-meter-deep water is as amazing as it can get. This phone if mistakenly splashed with bath water or exposed to rain water in an attempt to capture some scenes will not be disturbed at all. It also has amazing front camera with a detailed rear camera tech.

Oppo Gorilla Glass Reno 2:

6.5 inches mobile with gorilla glass protection must be a great work. This phone has been tested with water splashes, rain water and bathing splashes, it survived it all. Its pop up high quality camera further makes it expensive. But Saudis need not to worry as they can always use Amazon coupon sourced by couponksa.com.