4 Interesting Facts about Google

Billions of search queries are made on Google every day. This company has made searching, emailing and sending things easy and efficient. But how much do you really know about Google? Here are four interesting facts that may spark your interest.

1. Google is a Verb

In 2006, the Oxford English Dictionary made “google” a real verb. It basically means to search for something, which most people have been using anyway. Next time you use “google” as a verb, you can be assured that it is correct.

2. The Original Name was “Project BackRub”

Before Google became well known in almost every country, it started out small. In fact, Google was developed from research for an assignment. The original name for the project was “BackRub” which isn’t as memorable as “google.” The name was changed in September 1997.

3. There Are 8 Google Data Centers in the US

Data centers are the powerhouses of Google. They provide the services Google offers and keeps them running all day, every day. Data centers are needed to gather and interpret all the data that is being given or received by Google users. Huge hard drives, computer nodes and operations software are installed in these large facilities.

Right now, there are eight being used in the United States. Data centers are highly secured. Workers with extensive data center training go through a lengthy process to be able to enter the building. Eye scanners, IDs and carefully monitored surveillance systems are used. Data centers run 24/7 so that information can always be accessed through Google search engines no matter what time of the day.

4. Google Has Great Company Culture

This company is on the frontlines of latest technology, but it is also the frontrunner for new and creative ways to create company culture. Google employees have many perks, including being served three free meals a day. Employees also receive special advantages, including death benefits for family members when they die.

Thinking outside of the box is an important skill for the Google brand. At its Mountain View Headquarters, Google has a herd of goats that mow the lawn. It costs about the same as mowing would, with the addition of free fertilizing and removal of weeds. Google finds unique ways to accomplish their goals while adding a bit of fun.

Google may have started out small, but it has created a name for itself. You can find almost anything with the help of a Google Search. Its fascinating history promises the world an exciting future.