4 Amazing AI Features that can Make an App Work Wonders for any Business

AI is looking to make inroads in making app development something that can work for every business.  Think about what your business can do to make things interesting for its target market. While all the big tech companies in the world like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are going hard at AI, it is anybody’s guess why it will be one of the most prevalent technologies in the world.

And what it is going to do for a mobile app is of great concern for everyone. There are many aspects for which a mobile app can work alongside AI to offer good support to the end-users. In this blog, now I will try to offer you unique ways in which artificial intelligence is transforming how mobile apps are being used.

  1. The Auto-Pilot Function

By automating monotonous tasks in autopilot, AI can make mobile apps work just the way your businesses like them to be. There are dozens of repetitive tasks that mobile apps need to perform, and when they are put on autopilot, there is more room for developers so that they can work perfectly on a mobile app. 

AI helps businesses in optimizing resource utilization and boost productivity by over 40%.  With real-time data and information is available about the use of mobile apps, the future of AI is bright. And for every app, there are several routine tasks that an app cannot form without any supervision. That’s why it is a Win-Win situation for both the mobile app developer and the end-users. 

  1. Voice Interfaces on the Rise 

At the end of last year, more than 50% of all voice searches were used to interact with user interfaces. All the natural language processes and the use of smart speakers and voice assistants. This has turned out to be a real change. 

2020 proved to be a revolutionary year for the rise of AI-related voice searches. And now there is a good chance that the next time you will communicate with a chatbot, instead of a human, it is the AI that will be at the forefront of everything. In this way, the app or the voice interface will help users find what they are looking for quickly.  

  1. Secure Mobile Apps

Online security for mobile devices is just as important as websites. Think about any vulnerable area for a mobile app through which a hacker can move on with their malicious intentions. And you can find thousands of such mobile apps which are camouflaged as the real ones, and the end-users are made to believe that they are genuine apps. That’s where AI can predict and protect mobile apps from search criminals looking for cyber-attacks.

Apple Has been using advanced features since the iPhone X, which allows it to recognize faces, even if some facial features are changed with the launch of Pixel 4 phones to Google also joined the race. And now, with iPhone 13 and Google 6 coming up, we can easily anticipate new and improved features. 


  1. A Personalized Experience

There are many features for which a mobile app needs to be on song providing a personalized experience for the users. For example, when you are using Netflix and YouTube, these two streaming services remember your preferences and also how you have watched a particular video. You can use this to services regardless of your physical presence. So, whether you live in Dubai and go to any other place in the Middle East, your preferences will be remembered. 

These features and others make app development a great opportunity for even small businesses and startups to mark themselves in the market. And with the help of a prominent mobile app development Dubai company, they can easily get to their goal.

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