3 Ways to Design a Website that Converts

Did you know that brands that take on a properly structured approach to conversion optimization see a large increase in sales? Give this, you may think that other companies will follow suit, but around 61% of companies do less than five tests in a month. Maybe they are caught up in business and rarely take a minute to stop and focus on conversion optimization. Let’s explain what the highest converting websites do differently to other websites and how it gets clients to convert. 

As a brand, you have zero-eight seconds to make a compelling headline and landing page, after eight seconds customers will get bored and leave. The more landing pages you have the more sales and conversions you are likely to get. Now let’s get into what the best companies to differently.

  • They make their unique value point clear


Customers on your website should be able to see your homepage and your landing pages and points like why they should business with you. Have you seen the MailChimp website? The brand differentiates itself from the pack by focussing on making email marketing campaigns easy. People who normally send out email newsletters are not marketing geniuses, not are they technical and they have a never-ending list of tasks to complete. Making it easy is MailChimp’s job, the company ensures that their clients find their services simple, clear, and easy. Whatever your focus is, whether it’s a money-back guarantee, free shipping, or more, make it clear. 

  • They ensure their call to action is tested

HubSpot featured a company on their blog that hiked up their conversions by 105.9% by having a clear call to action button. The company needs to inform the visitor what they offer and who they are – using an effective headline and meaningful graphics can guide you as the user and double their conversion rate. The top web development company in India can help your site perform better by having a stronger call to action. Give an insight behind how you operate, the ingredients/products you use and have, a banner or section for client testimonials, and your unique value point right on top. Also add how long you’ve been in the business, how many orders you have shipped, and more. Ask customers for their feedback and tend to their points of view, this will help your conversion to rise higher.

  • They come up with crafty headlines 

A headline can make or break your website. The first impression by a client is formed quickly and a headline is a big part of that impression. There is no magic formula when it comes to picking a headline, the key here is to have a headline that focuses on your unique value point and gives your customer a reason why they should sign up now or buy your products. Test out your headline and see what works – steer clear of any spammy language and be creative with your headlines. SEO services in India can help you come up with a number of headlines that can work wonders when it comes to your brand sales.

The Bottom Line

Adding elements like a chat now button, a call to action and more can increase your conversions on your website. Try experimenting with different headlines, content, and graphics, and ensure you have sections for reviews, products, and more. The important thing is to test and experiment.