3 types of traditional marketing that still works today


Advertising and marketing has always been a crucial part of almost any type of business. Whether you are in the finance industry, biotech industry, or even engineering company, advertising and marketing is the thing that helps promote brand awareness and to help facilitate communication. The aim of marketing is communicate key messaging to a targeted group of audience. Note that people do not only do business with brands that they like, but brands that they know, thus brands that receive the most attention and are able to communicate clear and positive brand messaging to their target audience wins at the end of the day. 

There are many types of advertising that were done in the past, that are still being done today. Now, there are many more platforms that one can tap into to do advertising such as: social media, and even search engine marketing. In this article, we will still discuss the different types of traditional marketing that is still important today. 

Traditional Display Advertising 

Billboards and banner display advertising are still one of the largest forms of traditional advertising. They take up the most advertising budget, but they are able to guarantee to reach the masses. For big banners, the rule of thumb is to ensure that the graphic incorporated into the banner does the job of catching users’ attention. Big banners should avoid being too informational. Information banners should only be implemented when the likelihood of a user to be in close proximity is high. Display banners can take on a smaller form such as events banners and signboards. Now, getting a signboard up has never been this easy. If you already have a design in mind, you can simply approach a signboard maker and get the signboard down and installed for you.  

Print Media 

Print media includes newspaper and magazine. Newspapers have existed for the longest time. In certain countries, like Singapore, their news platforms are quite limited and they have a few outlets that are highly popular among the locals. If one is thinking of investing in newspaper advertising, one should consider if their brand’s target market does read the newspaper. 


Lastly, radio has become an effective type of advertising for certain types of products or services. Radio can reach a targeted group of audience, however it is very limited to audio advertising, and the commercial time is limited to only about a maximum of one minute. Another disadvantage of radio advertisements is that the user can simply turn off the station or switch it to another station, and they can avoid the advertisement totally. Therefore, the advertiser has to ensure that the audio commercial is clear and engaging, in order that they might get the attention of their target audience.