2020 Tech Favorites: The Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

The Mamba electric herb grinder is a new product on the market.  It is a hand-held herb grinder meant for a variety of plants, and features a host of innovative features meant to make herb grinding easier, simpler, faster, and more accessible to those with problems operating a two-handed manual grinder.

The Features

The Mamba’s external design makes it easy to hold in anyone’s right or left hand, and the switch is conveniently placed so that the user’s thumb can activate its grinding mechanism.  With the battery compartment located low in the handle and the motor and grinder located at the opposite end, the balance is perfect and this makes the Mamba genuinely pleasurable to use.

Fit and finish is stellar with the Mamba: it feels well-built.  This is particularly evident when you see the grinding mechanism itself.  The grinder plates and teeth are made out of solid aluminum, and the power train is an all-metal design that is meant to power through any herb that needs to be ground.

The grinder itself features loading compartments that make loading herbs easy, and the built-in screen allows only the correctly-sized pieces of herb to fall out of the grinder.  This grate and teeth design ensures that all grinds made by the Mamba are perfect in consistency.

This grind consistency can be achieved at a high rate of speed, too.  The Mamba’s powerful motor keeps the grinder turning through dense herbs, and with this electric grinder you’ll be grinding herbs far faster than any other grinder.

The all-aluminum grinder has another major positive: ease of maintenance.  The design allows for easy cleaning, and the sealed motor and powertrain require no operator maintenance since the internals are kept separated from herbs and dust that can cause problems with other devices.

Bringing It All Together

Each of the features mentioned above are individually worthy of making a grinder a good product, but the Mamba takes it a step further by combining them all into a perfect product that takes grinding to new highs.

The Mamba battery powered herb grinder is attractive and sleek, all while providing the user with commercial-grade levels of utility.  The exterior design – available in a host of fun, vibrant colors – makes the grinder something you’ll want to show off, and being the first in your group of friends to own one will have people asking you all about it.  It almost feels primitive to go back to our once-favourite hand grinders after using the Mamba.

Manual vs. Mamba

Hand-operated grinders have been the go-to grinder for years, and they aren’t going away anytime soon.  The first electric grinder to arrive on the market did not offer a lot in terms of competition anyways, as they were cheap, cumbersome, and unreliable.  It’s not surprising that electric grinders have had a hard time finding their ways into the hands of hand-grinder fans.

The Mamba cone shaped herbal grinder addresses all shortcomings of previous and competing electric grinders, and it does this while also addressing the shortcomings of even high-quality hand grinders.  The Mamba has shown us that electric grinders will be the only way to go for the herbal enthusiast, and if you’re new to the world of herbs, don’t start with a hand grinder: get a Mamba.  It is clear to us that the industry will be moving in this direction, so you might as well go with what will be the new standard.

So, in short, the Mamba is the best grinder we’ve seen for 2020, and is quite possibly, the best grinder in the world. and it has set the bar high for any other devices entering the market.