2 Super-quick Lightning Fast Chargers that are Totally Worth Your Money 

Gone are the days when charging a phone took hours. The arrival of the lightning-fast chargers has changed the entire game. Having said that, the quality of performance that the charger gives depends upon the quality of the charger itself. Hence, it’s quite important that you choose a genuine product from a genuine seller only. In this guide, we will be taking you through 2 such lightning-fast chargers that are absolutely worth your money. Dive in! 

  1. Mcdodo Auto-Disconnect Lightning Charger with Breathing LED

This is a super high-quality charger that has a unique auto-disconnect feature. It means that it stops charging the phone on its own as soon as the battery is fully charged. In turn, it protects the battery life. 

It has nylon braided zinc alloy cords that do not break when twisted. Other amazing features of this charger that make it one of the best in the market are as follows. 

  • It features a unique background LED light in the shape of a halo. It displays the battery status of your phone. 
  • This cable is 5 feet long. So, you can charge the phone with comfort even if the charging point is a little away from the place of your sitting. 
  • It charges phones about 40% faster than most other cables in the market. 
  1. McDodo 90 Degree Lightning Cable Charger for Apple iPhone

Each one of us knows the struggles of having to twist and turn the phone here and there so that it can be used while charging without the cord getting stuck in the way. 

The 90° lightning cable was designed by keeping this problem in mind that might sound small but is super frustrating. Some other features that make this charger worth every single penny spent are as follows. 

  1. The angle of the cord makes it a perfect match for the port on the phone since it fits properly. As a result, the port isn’t damaged in any way.
  2. It is a super-strong cable that lasts a lifetime without getting faulty. So, it’s money well spent. 
  3. The connectors are made corrosion-proof so that the port(s) of the phone isn’t damaged in any way. 

All in all, these are the two wonderful lightning chargers that are durable, and more than that, they offer consistent performance. You can also have a look at more such stunning variety at McDodo