2 Factors to Consider when Purchasing and Using a Mouse Pad or a Wrist Rest

One of the latest and most beneficial ergonomic computer accessories is the mouse pad that comes with an elevated wrist rest. People prefer to invest in these so that they can rest their wrists on the gel rather than on the hard desk. Here are the factors to consider when using or purchasing them.

  1. Improper mouse movement

To eliminate the discomfort and the risk of injury, the ideal way to move the mouse is by the whole arm movements that arise from the shoulder. But a lifted wrist can obstruct your movement this way. When moving your arm, your wrist also drags the wrist rest around so you cannot move the mouse to the best of your ability. Rather, plant the wrist and then control your mouse with small wrist movements.

You can fix this by using the 123ink mouse pad with wrist rest and using a different mouse to position the wrist away from the desk and eliminate the discomfort and risk of pain. Seek a mouse that is meant to keep your wrist off the desk, hence preventing compression. You can go for a larger mouse that supports your entire hand so that it is not collapsing on the desk surface and angled mice to rotate the risk at a right angle. This is done to rest on your bone rather than the softer and palm side of your wrist.

  1. Compression

When the wrist is pressurized, the blood vessels, tendons and nerves are compressed as they travel through the wrist. You may wonder that it is better to rest it on the gel than on a hard wrist. This is not always valid as the wrist rest padding is stiff as well and its presence makes you think it is best to rest your wrist on it. When you do that for prolonged periods of time, it may inflame your tendons and may cause nerve entrapment.

You can fix this by changing your desk height or chair height to let the desk be at the same height as your elbows. If your desk height is adjustable, ensure that it is flat or tilted away from you. These adjustments keep your wrists straight when using the mouse.

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