10 Reasons to Choose Linux Hosting Servers for Your Website.

Have you ever heard of the term Hosting Servers? If not, then dont panic; we will go in deep. When you want to start a website, it requires hosting. In technical terms, hosting refers to a computer or server which provides the resources and services to host your site. You can also say that it is a server where your website will be stored. It allows your website to be visible to a number of users on the internet. Now when you search on the internet, there are many companies that offer hosting services, but choosing the best web hosting solution is an excellent option.

Nowadays, Linux web hosting servers are the most popular hosting option. Linux hosting servers are those which run on Linux operating system, as the name suggests. Linux hosting India has become very popular in recent times, and Linux based web hosting services have been increasing day by day. Linux is different from other operating systems as it can be modified according to our needs by installing something new over Linux, which we require for web development. Linux hosting India can also serve multiple websites at once on one machine, unlike windows, where each website requires its own OS. Apart from this, The main reasons for its usage over other platforms are security, fast performance and freedom.

There are many Linux hosting providers in the market, and if you dont know which one is best for you, then this post will surely help your cause. Following are the top ten reasons why Linux hosting servers should be preferred over others. So, let’s have a look.

  • Startup Friendly: Linux is very easy to set up and use. It does not require any technical knowledge or experience in Linux configuration. Moreover, It has an active community that is always ready to help you out whenever needed.
  • Invisible Costs: Linux does not require you to pay license fees or purchase new computers and servers if your website traffic increases over time; you can easily host more than one site on the same Linux based web hosting machine without any extra cost, which makes it an affordable option for startups.
  • Low Hardware Requirements: Linux hosting does not require too much RAM and other resources as its file system is preloaded; therefore, Linux servers use less memory than windows web server machines.
  • Scalability: Linux hosting servers are highly scalable because of which you can easily migrate your Linux server-based website to another Linux web hosting machine if the site requires more resources. You can add more memory, storage and many other features easily by configuring Linux web hosting servers from the control panel or other Linux based tools.
  • Support for Multiple Languages or Applications: This is one great advantage that Linux provides over other operating systems, as it supports many different programming languages and apps like PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails and many more.
  • High Performance: Linux servers are very fast in processing data as the Linux hosting web server has its own file system to process your website, which is not loaded from any other machine every time you call a page; instead, it loads instantly because of this Linux based hosting can handle up to 100K visitors per day.
  • Secure: Linux has a better security policy that helps protect the website from hacker attacks or any kind of virus attack because Linux doesn’t have as many known security vulnerabilities as Windows does. Moreover, Linux is less prone to viruses or malware attacks.
  • Freedom to Choose: Linux hosting servers offer freedom of choice as users can customize Linux according to their needs by installing new applications, unlike windows, where you need to pay extra for this feature.
  • Flexibility: Because Linux is open-source, there are many Linux web hosting providers that allow free installation of third-party software, which may be required to run your website. Apart from this, Linux hosting servers are highly customizable according to your needs.
  • High Uptime: Linux web hosting providers offer high uptime, which means that the server is always available for you whenever you need it. This feature alone can save a lot of money and time as well because downtime may result in many e-commerce orders being lost, which eventually results in loss of business.